At IoT Tech Expo Global 2017, QNAP Systems, Inc. will showcase the unique QIoT Suite Lite software and demonstrate its grand vision of “NAS as Private IoT Cloud Platform”. QNAP is also proud to host the IoT Hackathon for Makers and coding enthusiasts to experience NAS as a private cloud solution to build IoT applications.

QIoT Suite Lite enables developers to push telemetry data generated by sensors on development boards to the QIoT Device Gateway with the help of the QIoT device SDK. The QIoT Device Gateway supports multiple protocols including MQTT and HTTP. The data received by QIoT Suite Lite is processed through the QIoT Rule Engine and remotely monitored by the QIoT Dashboard. QIoT Suite Lite provides Makers and developers with an ideal Private IoT Cloud Platform, and it supports dashboard services such as Freeboard and Microsoft Power BI.

IoT Hackathon participants will be given the Arduino Yun board, which combines the functionality of both a microcontroller and a microprocessor into one unit. The Yun is commonly used for IoT projects because it runs embedded Linux, has an Ethernet connection, and its Wi-Fi can either be configured as an access point (and router) or a client.

“IoT is all about sensing, collecting data, and using it to improve our lives,” said Federico Musto, Arduino CEO. “This partnership is important because it gives developers their own personal cloud to manage all of the disparate data that is collected around their home. We’re excited about the Hackathon to see what creative people make when coupling Arduino and QNAP. ”

“The IoT revolution is redefining the Public Cloud,” said Joe Fagan, Senior Director of Cloud Initiatives at Seagate. “It opens the gate to a potentially limitless number of applications in the Business and Consumer NAS space. This revolution calls for a new generation of high-capacity NAS hard drives. Tough, ready, and scalable, the Seagate IronWolf™ has been designed to meet the most challenging always-on NAS environments.”

“The QIoT Suite Lite empowers Makers and IoT developers to rapidly design their IoT applications using a wide range of Arduino starter kits and to store the massive data generated by them on QNAP NAS. QIoT Suite Lite helps to realise developers’ great potential and creativity on IoT applications,” said YT Lee, VP of QNAP.

IoT Tech Expo Global 2017 will be held in Olympia, London from 23-24 January 2017. All visitors are welcome to QNAP’s booth at Stand 89 to connect with other IoT makers, technical professionals, and QNAP business development personnel during the show. Hackathon participants are required to create a project using development boards and QNAP NAS with QIoT Suite Lite software. The 1st and 2nd place winners will be awarded munificent prizes.