qorvo wifi 6

Qorvo® recently announced that four of its Wi-Fi 6 front-end modules (FEMs) are powering the newest generation of TP-Link’s retail routers – from entry level to high-end gaming models. The Qorvo products enable significantly faster wireless download/upload speeds, increased data capacity, enhanced connectivity in crowded spaces and improved battery life for IoT client devices.

The Qorvo Wi-Fi 6 FEMs used with TP-Link’s Archer AX1500 series of routers include the mid-power QPF4206 and QPF4506, and the high-power QPF4216 and QPF4516 products. The FEMs enable 40 percent improved energy efficiency and 20 percent more range than comparable devices.

Each of the FEMs integrates a 2.4 GHz or 5 GHz power amplifier (PA), regulator, single-pole two throw switch (SP2T), and a by-passable low noise amplifier (LNA) into a single device. Qorvo solutions significantly reduce bill of materials and time to market by integrating multiple components into compact form factors.

Cees Links, general manager of Qorvo’s Wireless Connectivity business, said, “Recent flagship mobile phone releases with integrated Wi-Fi 6 technology are accelerating the demand for infrastructure rollouts into home, outdoor and enterprise environments. Qorvo is advancing connectivity with higher-efficiency FEMs that enable four times more connected devices at greater speeds.”

Qorvo’s Wireless Connectivity (WCON) business is a leading developer of wireless semiconductor system solutions for connected devices that support Wi-Fi, Zigbee, Thread and Bluetooth® Low Energy. WCON offers integrated Wi-Fi front ends and an extensive portfolio of advanced RF chips and software for the IoT. To learn more about Qorvo solutions that enable faster connections for Wi-Fi 6 and beyond, visit the company’s online Wi-Fi Innovation Resource Center.