Databricks, provider of the leading Unified Analytics Platform and founded by the team who created Apache Spark™, recently announced that Quby, the Dutch company behind smart energy product Toon, has deployed Databricks’ Unified Analytics Platform to support its analytics and collaboration strategies as it grows the number of energy providers that it works with across Europe. Using Databricks, Quby’s data engineering and data science teams streamline analytics processes internally around smart home data. For Quby’s partners (utility providers, for instance), this data supports personalized recommendations for reducing energy usage.

Quby’s Toon is a smart thermostat and energy monitoring device that can provide insight into how much energy is being consumed within each customer’s location. With multiple utility customers across Europe, Quby had rapidly growing volumes of data that had to be managed in separate instances. At the same time, Quby’s internal data engineering team wanted to reduce the amount of work required to prepare data for analysis, while the data science team wanted to conduct deeper analysis too. Quby selected the Unified Analytics Platform to make data preparation easier while maintaining security and management requirements.

“We knew we wanted to move into the cloud rather than managing our internal instances. Rather than taking care of the infrastructure, we could concentrate on how to make that data available to the business,” explained Telmo Oliveira, systems engineer at Quby.

“The Databricks team made it easy to move over to the cloud and simpler to collaborate with data. Databricks helps us run analytics at scale across different internal and client teams, and provides the right security management tools to control who has access automatically. This lets our data engineering team get the most value out of our data used by our data science team and for our partners,” continued Oliveira.

Following the implementation of Databricks at Quby, the team has expanded the range of analytics services that can be used. Quby’s data science team can get deeper insight into energy usage and patterns within customers. These insights can be used to provide personalized recommendations to individual customers using the Toon in-home energy display and mobile app.

“Our data science team can use the Unified Analytics Platform to provide extremely detailed insights on how individuals are using energy, and use these insights to determine potential actions for saving energy. By using data to recommend different energy use patterns or replace old wasteful devices, our partners can help their customers save money,” explained Oliveira.

Databricks’ Unified Analytics Platform helps data engineering, data science and business teams collaborate around big data. Using Apache Spark alongside collaboration workflows and management tools, Databricks’ Unified Analytics Platform supports companies deploying new and innovative services.

The Quby team is presenting on their use of Databricks for IoT data at Spark Live Amsterdam, taking place on 27th February 2018. This is part of a series of one-day workshops across the United States and Europe, helping IT professionals understand how to use the power of Apache Spark and Databricks within their companies.