Mobile Shopping Qwasi

QWASI Technology announced record growth for its Communication and Data Management platform in 2016. Crossing over a billion data points and messages, further growth is expected in 2017 as brands get smarter about how to leverage IoT in their communication strategies.

“The movement towards hyper-personalization on mobile with AI and chatbots is a strong driver for mobile innovation in 2017,” says Leon Samuel, CEO of QWASI Technology.

In 2016, mobile directly influenced $500bn in retail sales in the U.S. alone. It is predicted that by 2020, mobile will account for 45% of $632bn in total e-commerce sales. New data is showing that 80% of consumers now turn to a smartphone before they turn to a human for assistance.

Every company is looking to better optimize customer experiences with new employee assistance tools like Apple’s Siri, Cisco’s Spark, and Amazon’s Alexa. AI in the consumer space and workplace is continuing to grow traction, and companies are looking to make their applications smarter and mobile experiences more intelligent.

“For AI applications to become actively intelligent, it has to have the ability to hear real time data, listen for the context, and decide how to respond or communicate. QWASI’s technology acts as an enabler for brands to listen to the real time IoT data from Wifi to NFC to to POS terminals, and respond in an intelligent way whether it’s through a Brand’s app, Alexa, Spark, or with Emojis in live text chat scenario,” says Samuel.

Last year QWASI’s customers won many mobile innovation awards including USPS by activating virtual reality from print mail, Domino’s Pizza with its use of Emoji’s for order purchasing, or Velux for the most profitable technology award by activating Loyalty.

QWASI works with companies across all marketplaces, working with business leaders to drive revenue and profitability, and optimizing technology investments for cost reductions in their supply chains management

“We are excited to enter 2017 with partners like Cisco in the IoT space who we can work with to help companies build innovation through technology efficiency and optimization to drive better customer service, retention and increase profitability. New platforms like Cisco We’ve seen tremendous advances over the past 12 years, and look forward to continuing to deliver technology solutions that sit at the heart of the mobile,” concludes Samuel.

In 2016 there were over +6.5 billion IoT devices, and by 2021 there is a projected +20 billion, concluding that growth in the IoT solution world could be exponential.