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RapidMiner™ announced its Get-More-Open-Core business model, offering two forever free editions and one commercial edition of RapidMiner™ Studio 6.5, the company’s leading predictive analytics software. Get-More-Open-Core starts with a traditional open core business model offering, delivering free open source and commercial editions of the software, then adds a second free edition of RapidMiner Studio that provides beyond-the-basics, giving even more to users who join the RapidMiner Community.

The Community edition is the cornerstone of the Get-More-Open-Core business model, embracing both the free aspect of open source software, plus fostering the mutual learning, innovation and agility that results from the synergies of a thriving community. Joining the RapidMiner Community gives members additional RapidMiner Studio functionality, including Wisdom of Crowds recommendations, repository and compute capacity in the cloud. It also allows them to fully participate in the Community Forum and Marketplace and receive community support.

“With this release of RapidMiner Studio, we are empowering the world’s business analysts and data scientists with powerful predictive analytics that are supremely easy to use and allow community members to innovate and collaborate,” said RapidMiner Founder and CTO Ingo Mierswa. “With Get-More-Open-Core, RapidMiner is fully embracing the passion and dynamics of our community. Together, we are advancing open source and predictive analytics and unearthing cutting-edge solutions so that the community will always keep up with the evolving market.”

Big Data and IoT technologies are evolving quickly, making it difficult for software to keep up. Open source communities form parallel and distributed eco-systems that drive innovation to generate new solutions as technologies advance,” said Andrew Chisholm of RapidMinerResources. “With Get-More-Open-Core, RapidMiner is demonstrating its commitment to the community to help the advancement of predictive analytics.”

RapidMiner Studio 6.5 is available for download immediately and includes three editions:

  • RapidMiner Studio Basic: Free predictive analytics client software with no registration required. The OSI-certified open source code under AGPL is also downloadable for free.
  • RapidMiner Studio Community: Free predictive analytics client software plus community features and benefits, with email registration.
  • RapidMiner Studio Professional: Predictive analytics client software plus community and commercial features and benefits. Pricing starts at $1,999 per year and comes with an option for self-service purchase online.

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RapidMiner, the industry’s #1 open source predictive analytics platform, is disrupting the industry by empowering enterprises to include predictive analytics in any business process—closing the loop between insight and action. RapidMiner’s effortless solution makes predictive analytics lightning-fast for today’s modern analysts, radically reducing the time to unearth opportunities and risks. RapidMiner delivers game-changing expertise from the largest worldwide predictive analytics community.