Hazelcast recently announced it has joined the Confluent Partner Program as a Technology Partner. Confluent, provider of the only streaming platform based on Apache Kafka™, designed the program to enable a rapidly growing ecosystem around Apache Kafka and Confluent.

To highlight the IoT application benefits that can be achieved from combining Kafka and Hazelcast IMDG, Confluent partner, DataMountaineer, has built a real-time, fast data integration that brings both technologies together to solve operational data management needs: the Kafka Connect Sink for Hazelcast IMDG. Specializing in the Confluent Platform, DataMountaineer provides scalable, unified, real-time data solutions for streaming and fast data platforms using the Kafka Connect API.

To process incoming IoT data, DataMountaineer has configured a Sink to write to Hazelcast IMDG. Hazelcast’s rich architecture and feature set allows it to receive high velocity writes for data storage, perform distributed processing and act as a perfect Sink. For example, Hazelcast IMDG supports distributed events, execution callbacks, entry processor and a wide array of data structures such as Map, Queue, Reliable Topics, Ringbuffer and JCache. A key differentiator of Hazelcast IMDG is that you can also use it as a caching layer – providing database caching, caching-as-a-service, Memcached replacement or plugin.

The DataMountaineer Hazelcast Sink supports the following features:

  • Kafka Connect Query Language
  • Reliable Topic, RingBuffer, Map, MulitMap, Set, List and JCache
  • JSON and Avro format
  • Error Policies
  • Parallel Writes

“We’re pleased to welcome Hazelcast to the Confluent Partner Program,” said Rich Brazeau, director of business development and alliances at Confluent. “By working with DataMountaineer, Hazelcast has developed a connectivity solution that will enable mutual customers to process IoT data and build IoT applications at scale.”

Greg Luck, CEO of Hazelcast, said: “Confluent focuses on building streaming platforms, which is an ideal fit for Hazelcast – this formal partnership undoubtedly strengthens our capabilities on this critical platform. Working with like minded organizations like DataMountaineer we will be looking to develop storage and processing solutions for many markets including IoT, financial, gaming and media.”