RealNetworks, a leader in messaging for the wireless communications industry and developer of the Metcalf inter-carrier messaging platform, recently announced Kontxt™, a product that offers next-generation management of text messaging on mobile networks.

Kontxt allows network operators to deliver a consistently better messaging experience for their subscribers. Mobile carriers, message aggregators and interconnect vendors can use Kontxt to:

  • reliably block spam and other unwanted messages
  • effectively manage gray route traffic
  • classify message streams and systematically enforce delivery policies
  • offer class-of-service delivery prioritization to enterprise senders, and
  • accurately tag messages as needed

Using advanced machine learning algorithms, Kontxt identifies the intent and origin of messages, even when message metadata is spoofed or otherwise misrepresented. Kontxt groups these messages into “classes,” or categories, which allows network operators to route and prioritize messages accordingly to provide the highest level of service to subscribers. For example, Kontxt can distinguish between two-factor authorization (2FA) messages, which require urgent delivery; promotional messages, which could be delivered when network congestion is low; and fraudulent messages, which should be blocked, reported and analyzed. Kontxt includes support for SMS, MMS, and RCS message protocols.

The global Application-to-Person (A2P) messaging segment is undergoing significant growth, as more and more enterprises rely on short messages to notify consumers about everything from airline flight changes to restaurant reservations. According to mobile intelligence research firm Mobilesquared, A2P message volume will double to 3 trillion by 2020.

However, as A2P volume accelerates, unmanaged delivery represents a huge loss of potential revenue in the wireless sector. Mobilesquared estimates worldwide potential revenue lost to gray-route message traffic is currently about US$15 billion per year.

“The messaging industry is rapidly evolving, and A2P use cases in particular are multiplying,” said Nick Lane, Chief Analyst at Mobilesquared. “Network operators will need to deploy more advanced management technology if they want to take full advantage of the opportunity this represents.”

“Kontxt will help power the next phase of messaging,” said Max Pellegrini, president of mobile services at RealNetworks. “Kontxt enables mobile network operators, messaging aggregators and interconnect vendors to deliver and create more value from their messaging networks. Kontxt builds on Real’s deep experience in messaging. Our Metcalf inter-carrier messaging platform is deployed in nearly 400 carriers worldwide and processes almost 2 billion messages each day.”