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Realtek will participate in ‘Maker Faire 2016’ from May 7th to May 8th 2016 at National Taiwan Science Education Center in Taipei City. ‘Maker Faire 2016’ provides an opportunity for tech-fans and makers to showcase their creative ideas and DIY smart devices in front of a highly-interested audience of like-minded developers that can communicate and work with each other to create and expand ideas for products in the near future.

“The Realtek IoT Ameba platform is an easy-to-use Arduino-programmable platform for developing all kinds of IoT applications,” said Realtek’s Vice President and Spokesman, Yee-Wei Huang. “At ‘Maker Faire 2016’ we hope to inspire and demonstrate innovative do-it-yourself Arduino technology projects that enhance IoT functionality and use. Realtek is very pleased to both attend and be a sponsor of this event.”

Realtek has invited well-known maker partners to demonstrate their ideas and prototypes of products at the ‘Maker Faire 2016’ exhibition this year. Each of these devices in its own right is very practical, entertaining, and innovative. They all are based on Realtek’s Ameba platform and closely related to lifestyles and recreation.

Realtek will also showcase the Wi-Fi IoT chipset Ameba series (RTL8195AM/  RTL8711AM/ RTL8711AF), which won the Best Choice Golden Award at COMPUTEX 2015, and various product applications for Internet of Things, Smart Home, Smart Technology Farm, and Smart City at our booth. A notable example is the PM2.5 AirBox, developed in cooperation with the Taipei City Government for its Smart City project.

Realtek IoT Wi-Fi Solution: Ameba Series (RTL8711AF, RTL8711AM, and RTL8195AM)

This Ameba solution is designed for IoT applications or battery-powered appliances. It features a high-performance CPU (ARM Cortex-M3), embedded memory, and provides complete networking and 802.11b/g/n Wi-Fi protocols, hardware SSL engine, and various serial ports including UART, I2C, SPI, and PWM. Ameba also integrates with ADC, DAC, high-speed SDIO, and USB to directly control analog-type sensors or devices. Ameba is the ideal IoT solution for smart plug, meter, IP camera, environmental sensor, lighting or related product applications for smart home, smart factory, IP surveillance, and smart city. Ameba provides software support for Apple Wireless Accessory Configuration (WAC).

Realtek will be exhibiting the above solutions on the 1F piazza at Maker Faire 2016, National Taiwan Science Education Center, Taipei, on May 7-8, 10:00am-17:00pm.

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