Somatix® Inc., an Artificial Intelligence (AI) software company which provides a Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM) solution to healthcare providers, is informing nursing homes, senior living facilities, subacute short-term care facilities and hospitals that its SafeBeing™ platform can be beneficial to patient care in times of health crises. By providing 24/7 passive monitoring and predictive analytics, SafeBeing enhances safety and makes it easier for resource constrained providers to monitor patients remotely, including those in isolation at home or in healthcare facilities due to flu outbreaks or those quarantined due to the Coronavirus (COVID-19). SafeBeing reports up-to-date information about a patient’s well-being using an enterprise dashboard, smartband, user mobile app, and a caretaker/family app.

SafeBeing was recently used at facilities operated by Holy Family Senior Living in Pennsylvania during a lockdown period because of a flu outbreak where patients were confined to their own quarters. In addition, during the past year, Holy Family Senior Living has reported a 17 percent reduction in 30-day hospital readmission rates and an over 30 percent reduction in falls and urinary tract infections from using SafeBeing.

“Remote Patient Monitoring provided by SafeBeing was a critical resource for our caregivers as we worked through some recent flu outbreaks. Not only were we able to create a safer environment by remotely monitoring patients in their rooms, but we were able prevent patient roaming as well as minimize patient-to-patient and patient-to-provider transmission of the illness,” said Joseph Shadid, the Chief Executive Officer of Holy Family Senior Living.

“Although SafeBeing cannot detect flu and COVID-19 related symptoms specifically, its 24/7 passive monitoring and advanced analytics enable providers to make earlier interventions with patients that are demonstrating signs of risk for clinical deterioration, including reductions in activity from each patient’s machine-learned baseline, reduction in fluid intake and risk for dehydration, and disturbances in sleep patterns,” said Charles Herman M.D., M.B.A., President and Chief Medical Officer of Somatix. “The gesture-derived insights from SafeBeing can also be integrated with traditional biological insights such as temperature, blood pressure and heart rate which are captured in electronic health record systems that are used by many elder care facilities.”

Eran Ofir, CEO of Somatix added, “Somatix SafeBeing has numerous benefits to help create safer environments for a variety of healthcare facilities that are facing challenging lockdown situations. We look forward to working closely with hospitals, nursing homes, senior living communities, home care agencies and more to ensure the well-being of their patients during challenging times, both now and in the future.”

SafeBeing utilizes patented gesture detection technology, machine learning, and advanced analytics to detect hand movements and report on activities and events such as walking, sleeping, drinking, falling, smoking, wandering and a variety of insights and predictive analytics. By monitoring these activities through SafeBeing, healthcare providers can detect variations in activities that may be cause for concern, and trigger reminders to users and alerts to caregivers and family members.