DevCon India 2016

Renesas Electronics India, a subsidiary of Renesas Electronics Singapore Pte. Ltd., announced the start of the second edition of its coveted DevCon India 2016 in Bangalore. The two-day conference focused on embedded technologies provides system engineers direct access to view, study and experience Renesas’ latest devices and technology, including microcontrollers (MCUs), analog and power devices, and system solution technologies, among others.

DevCon India 2016 offers an educational networking platform for embedded system designers, giving the designers the opportunity to attend short courses and hands-on lab sessions that provide the updated solutions needed to develop enhanced products in less time. The event, held by embedded systems experts from Renesas Electronics and its partner companies, focuses on topics, including automotive, motor control, human machine interface (HMI), computer architectures, power, operating systems, connectivity, security and industrial automation technologies.

With special focus on automotive, solutions for fully-autonomous vehicles will be demonstrated. The demonstration sessions are designed to introduce Renesas’ enhanced capabilities and embedded technologies. These include – improved fuel economy, safety features, enhanced entertainment and communication capabilities.

Speaking at the event, Mr. Sunil Dhar, President of Renesas Electronics India said, “India is a home of 600 million Millennials and yet counting. These Millennials are impatient, digital as well as value and experience seekers. We will create products and solutions seeking their future requirements. DevCon offers an excellent platform to showcase and discuss solutions for today and tomorrow of India.”

Smart communication solutions will also be exhibited, focusing on connectivity through Bluetooth technology and HMI, and image processing solutions and capacitive touch-based User Interfaces will be showcased. In addition, industrial automation will also be highlighted, focusing on industrial real time networks.

The event encompasses an exhibition and demonstrations with over 50 solutions and innovations from Renesas and its partners. Around 500 people from the embedded technology space are expected to attend the event.

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