Until April 17th 2015, Breed Reply – Reply’s advanced incubator that funds and supports the growth of start-ups in the Internet of Things (IoT) – offers start-ups the opportunity to present their projects through IoT Best in Breed 2, an initiative aimed at identifying the most innovative ideas in the IoT.

For a second time Breed Reply is looking for young talent with a clear understanding of market needs and ready to take the challenge of growing a business in the Internet of Things and Wearable Technologies. Ideas and projects can be submitted to Breed Reply through the application form on http://www.breedreply.com. The best ideas will be selected and will start working together with Breed Reply.

“Our goal is to identify new ideas in the IoT that meet real market needs and are able to create value in the long term,” says Emanuele Angelidis, CEO of Breed Reply. “Our role is to support the startups and help them accelerate their entry and growth in the market. The best startups become part of our program, which in addition to funding provides a transfer of entrepreneurial, managerial and technological skills and a strong involvement in developing solid foundations in their target markets.”

Through the initiative IoT Best in Breed, Breed Reply has already started a partnership with BrainControl in the Healthcare sector, Sensoria and Xmetrics in Fitness and Wellness, Cocoon in Smart Home and Greeniant in Energy.

Thanks to IoT Best in Breed, Breed Reply has become a privileged observer on the IoT startup market. Through the first edition of IoT Best in Breed, in a single month more than 130 startups from around the world have submitted their ideas, and 80% of the applications came from European countries such as Germany, Italy, UK and Scandinavia. These applications were distributed among Fitness and Wellness, mainly from Italy and UK, Manufacturing, mainly from Germany, Smart Home, Fitness, Healthcare, Transportation and Energy equally distributed across Europe and USA.

Breed Reply

Breed Reply, Reply’s advanced incubator, funds and supports the development of start-ups on the Internet of Things (IoT) in Europe and the USA. Based in London, with operational offices in Germany and Italy, Breed Reply supports entrepreneurs and young talent by quickly bringing new ideas to the market. This is done via three fundamental services: funding at “seed” and “early stage” level; considerable support with significant know how transfer of business, managerial and technological expertise; and, thanks to Reply’s ecosystem, medium-term involvement to establish start-ups in their market. In the IoT sector, the main areas Breed Reply focuses on are Fitness and Wellness, Healthcare, Smart home, Manufacturing, Transportation and Energy.


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