Mobile Edge Computing 2017

Along with XONA Partners, Mobile Experts presents compelling new analysis for Mobile Edge Computing. This report provides a clear explanation of how Edge Computing impacts performance for the mobile network.

This study describes the technology of Multi-access Edge Computing (MEC) and shows variations defined by the ETSI MEC ISG, OpenFog Consortium, Open Edge Computing (OEC), and includes architectures such as Cloudlets that open up the business model. The report highlights the features of MEC that will enable each application: latency benefits, backhaul benefits, and more.

“Edge Computing is a companion technology for 5G, and will be an important part of creating monetization applications which open up new sources of revenue for operators,” commented Principal Analyst Joe Madden.

Mobile Experts provides clear guidance to show how MEC enables the applications, but the report also covers the technical requirements that MEC imposes on the network. The business case for mobile operators is explored in order to illustrate the opportunities and threats inherent in MEC for a 4G/5G operator. Current systems are listed in the field and the edge computing players to illustrate the status of the current market.

“As the wireless industry transforms to service the enterprise, edge computing becomes an indispensable part of the network architecture that’s necessary to meet the requirements of many applications, such as private networks and IoT, on which mobile network operators count on for revenue growth,” remarked Frank Rayal of Xona Partners and Mobile Experts contributor.

The report also illustrates MEC applications including:

  • Content Caching
  • Traffic Optimization
  • Augmented and Virtual Reality
  • Video content delivery
  • Asset Tracking
  • Video Analytics
  • Local voice/data routing
  • Ad delivery
  • Retail footprint analysis
  • Critical IoT application execution
  • Private networks

This report is presented by XONA Partners in collaboration with Mobile Experts.

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