Reposify IoT Search Engine
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Reposify, a cyber-sensing company, has launched a platform to research all devices available on the Internet in real time. Reposify’s platform enables enterprises and governments to gain insights about devices worldwide through a Google-like search engine. This IoT search engine has an API that allows developers to build products based on Reposify insights.

Gartner estimates that 6.4 billion connected devices will be in use during 2016, and by 2020, that number will reach 20 billion. “The Internet has changed, and now our webcams, cars, coffee machines and many others devices are part of the Internet,” stated Yaron Tal, founder and CEO of Reposify. “Our goal is to let cybersecurity and BI companies get answers about those devices with a few clicks. And developers can do this with a few lines of code.”

Reposify’s team has built a scalable cluster that constantly discovers new devices connected to the public Internet. For each device, Reposify determines the type, for example, routers, webcams, and industrial devices, such as smart building sensors. The platform also finds devices’ relationships with other devices and people and tries to detect what technologies exist on each device, such as an accessible database, web server, or specific operating system.

Making Cybersecurity companies smarter

Two weeks ago, FBI Director James Comey said he places a piece of tape over his computer’s webcam. Back in June, journalists noted that Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg taped up his webcam and microphone. These people know that connected devices can be hacked and that this is a real threat. With Reposify, people can verify that their personal devices are not publicly exposed.

Many attacks are being executed through IoT devices hijacked by hackers. Cybersecurity companies face a real challenge to stopping these attacks. Moreover, when cybersecurity companies perform vulnerability assessments, they often ignore the device layer, leaving customers vulnerable to hacker attacks.

By integrating with Reposify’s API, cybersecurity companies can monitor their clients’ networks to find misconfigured devices, such as firewalls and routers, that can be accessed from the public Internet. With Reposify, these companies also can detect devices with outdated software that makes networks vulnerable to hackers.

Next-generation business intelligence products

BI companies have a hard time analyzing technology markets, quantifying market penetration, and identifying new global trends. With Reposify, however, BI companies will be able to perform smart and accurate competitive analysis.

For example, businesses can use Reposify to determine how many Cisco routers are being used in each country by model and version. Governments can even use Reposify to enforce export laws by finding devices being used illegally or identifying locally manufactured devices that are being used in countries where they are banned.

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