LNL Systems launched an innovative Internet of Things platform that powers the sales floor by transforming alerts from connected in-store devices into actionable messages for retail associates and managers—and into data for consolidated trend analysis. LNL Systems will be offering a live demonstration of its new technology at the NRF Retail Big Show Convention and Expo being held January 15–17 in New York City.

“IoT applications are going to explode over the next few years, and we are building the infrastructure to grow with this exciting trend,” says Mark Barnes, CEO of LNL Systems. “More and more smart devices are being developed each day, and when they are integrated with our platform, we can help our customers become much more efficient and create a truly smart sales floor.”

Thousands of brick-and-mortar retailers across the globe are looking to take advantage of IoT technology to optimize the customer experience. FlorLink SmartHub, the first retail IoT platform designed to power the retail sales floor, seeks to raise the customer experience to new levels by delivering the right messages to the right people at the right time.

Paired with devices such as cameras, sensors, and beacons to activate the IoT ecosystem in the retail environment, the FlorLink SmartHub alerts associates through any device when a customer enters an understaffed department, supports an omnichannel strategy by triggering an alert when the retailer’s website forwards an online order for local pickup, and curbs shoplifting incidents by providing IoT “eyes and ears” that monitor aisle activity. For many retailers, the most valuable advance is SmartHub’s ability to capture device and in-store activity data that can be leveraged to analyze retail trends for better business performance.

“The SmartHub is the first system that manages the flow of information between sensors, people and devices, transforming the way retail stores operate, resulting in a highly efficient and productive environment,” says Barnes.

SmartHub is the newest component in LNL Systems’ comprehensive portfolio of smart devices, platform integration, and analytics that retailers use to make the most of opportunities presented by IoT technology. Each product in LNL’s FlorComm suite adds value through increased connectivity and integrated devices powering the sales floor to deliver greater value to customers.

For more details on LNL Systems products and services, stop by LNL Systems booth #4547 at NRF.