Camgian Microsystems announced today the closing of a new contract to deploy Egburt into the largest fred’s Super Dollar franchise group in the U.S. to provide company personnel with real-time actionable intelligence through the monitoring of equipment health and customer foot traffic.

Egburt is comprised of advanced software, hardware, sensors, and communication that support the delivery of real-time analytics to customers in the retail market including discount stores, convenience stores, and restaurants. Egburt’s simple design removes the complexities of building Internet of Things solutions for retailers by making the analytics configuration process easy without requiring a computer scientist or technologist to sift through vast quantities of data.

“The deployment of Egburt into the retail market demonstrates the power of Egburt and its ability to cost effectively and simply deliver value-added actionable intelligence to the retail market,” said Gary Butler, chairman and CEO of Camgian Microsystems. “Egburt delivers instant results and cost savings to our customers and we are pleased to have demonstrated this so quickly. The signing of this contract comes on the heels of a late 2014 product launch and several awards and is just one more indication of the market momentum Egburt has built in a short period of time. During this period of hyper-competition in the retail sector, we believe Egburt is a valuable tool that will help our customers excel and grow their business.”

fred’s will utilize Egburt to drive down operational cost, better understand foot traffic in stores, and monitor cooler and freezer health. “I am very excited to have this kind of cutting edge technology in my stores,” said David Majure, fred’s franchisee. “Egburt provides me real-time information on store operations issues – everything from freezer failure to inventory doors being open when they should not be. Improving these types of store functions goes straight to my bottom line.”

About Camgian Microsystems

Named by Inc. Magazine as one of America’s fastest growing private companies, Camgian Microsystems delivers award winning cloud services for commercial and defense markets with a wide range of advanced sensing applications in retail operations, infrastructure management and U.S. troop protection. Its latest innovation, Egburt is a complete IoT application service comprising software, hardware, and communications built on a powerful edge computing architecture. Compass Intelligence recently named Egburt the IoT Innovative Product of the Year at the 2015 International CES in Las Vegas. This recognition came shortly after CIO Review named Camgian one of the Top 50 Most Promising IoT Companies. To learn more about Camgian Microsystems and their award winning company, please visit or follow them on twitter @CamgianMicro.