Rezolt RZ707

ReZolt Corporation announced availability of new, advanced functionality for the Em-Fi embedded Wi-Fi solution. These include EAP (Enterprise Authentication Protocol) and S2W (Serital-to-WiFi) application. ReZolt S2W will dramatically improve time-to-market for Wi-Fi-connected Internet of Things by reducing the development time and cost. S2W provides a simple, easy-to-use programming interface for the customer host processor with access to all advanced features included in the ReZolt Em-Fi Software running on the RZ707 module.

ReZolt continues to enhance the Em-Fi Software, which now includes support for Enterprise Authentication Protocols (EAP) targeting customers developing products for security-conscious enterprise and industrial applications. Current implementation supports EAP-TLS, EAP-TTLS and EAP-PEAP. ReZolt can rapidly add support for additional EAP types based on customer requirements. ReZolt EAP implementation is available as a license for module companies, solution providers and OEMs.

Em-Fi Software, based on Broadcom’s WICED(TM) platform, is highly modular, easy-to-use and feature-rich including embedded and networking functions. These features are packed in a small memory footprint leaving a significant amount of memory and processor bandwidth for the customer applications. ReZolt provide Em-Fi Engineering Services to OEMs looking to cut down the development cost and time for their Wi-Fi connected IoT devices. Em-Fi Software is also available as a license to module companies, solution providers and OEMs.

ReZolt continues to market RZ707 and RZ226 Em-Fi hardware modules, both using Broadcom BCM43362 Wi-Fi chip. RZ707 also includes a Cortex M3 micro controller that runs the Em-Fi Software. Both modules have FCC, ICN, CE and TELEC certifications and are in volume production. ReZolt is seeking strategic partnerships with module companies and OEMs for the Em-Fi Modules.

“ReZolt Em-Fi solution enables OEMs and solution providers to reduce development time and cost of Wi-Fi connected Internet of Things,” said Vijay Parmar, President and CEO of ReZolt Corporation. “ReZolt continues to focus on the embedded software capability through Em-Fi Software and related engineering services.”

About ReZolt 

ReZolt technology enables low power, multi-protocol, multi-sensor wireless connectivity for Internet of Things. Focusing on OEMs, our solutions enable rapid and cost-effective product development and deployment of “smart” devices in energy monitoring and management, healthcare, logistics, and industrial/building automation applications.

ReZolt Em-FiTM embedded Wi-Fi solution based on Broadcom WICED(TM) Platform includes Em-Fi hardware modules and Em-Fi Software that allow rapid and low-cost addition of Wi-Fi to Internet of Things. ReZolt is based in San Jose, California.