RF Controls and Stanley Black & Decker are pleased to announce their newly formed joint venture, View Technologies, LLC, headquartered in Marietta, GA. Stanley Black & Decker is providing manufacturing, sales, marketing, installation, software and administrative services to the joint venture through its Industrial and Automotive Repair division while RF Controls, in addition to ongoing scientific development, is providing an exclusive global license to its suite of groundbreaking bi-directional, steerable phased array fixed antenna systems.

“View Technologies will offer a suite of software products that provide rich real time visual representations of tagged items in free space, including associated analytics that interface to a customer’s legacy enterprise resource planning (ERP) and point of sale (POS) systems either via the cloud or local area networks. ” said Larry Harper, CEO of the newly formed View Technologies.

“These systems uniquely track parts, tools, apparel, electronics, household goods, merchandise and other assets in real time with precise 3D location accuracy at distances previously considered unobtainable. Working with a Stanley Black & Decker company as our global distribution partner underscores our joint commitment to build out the Internet of Things (IoT) using our extensive patent library of zonal RFID technology as the foundation,” said RF Controls’ CTO and Chief Scientist Graham Bloy. “The technology of RF Controls is unique to the global marketplace, a product suite without peer competition, which will drive RFID adoption into industries and commerce of all kinds around the globe including aerospace, retail, manufacturing, logistics and distribution” Mr. Bloy continued.

“The joint venture will transform the passive radio frequency identification (RFID) market by providing real time location visibility of tagged items, in 3D, at distances far greater than previously imagined with accuracy levels of 99+%. This product offering will fundamentally change the way assets of all kinds are counted, monitored and managed while reducing cost, increasing efficiencies and revolutionizing supply chain visibility. This truly becomes the enabling foundation of the global Internet of Things.” said Tom Ellinwood, CEO RF Controls.

RF Controls, LLC, a leading provider of advanced RFID technology, was founded in 2006 by businessman and entrepreneur, Tom Ellinwood, and Chief Scientist and technology developer, Graham Bloy. The system is now installed at some of the world’s largest and most influential companies.