Ineda Systems, a leader in low-power SoCs (system-on-chip) solutions for wearable applications, and K2-Inc, provider of IoT software platform, announced their innovative technologies for the IoT space. The platforms are based on Ineda’s scalable SoCs providing as low as 29 uA/MHz, with K2-Inc’s cloud and analytics solution. These platforms offer a complete suite of software stacks specifically designed to enable faster development of smarter IoT devices.

“Higher energy-efficient IoT node systems have become even more critical than in earlier years. IoT nodes will be required to enhance their contextual awareness, and local data processing capabilities, which will in turn drive up their energy consumption,” said Ritesh Tyagi, Senior Vice President of Marketing, Ineda Systems. “To address this need, Ineda has partnered with K2-Inc and developed a complete hardware and software platform with low-power optimization as the core technology.”

“In order to monetize IoT-enabled services, it is important to efficiently extract business intelligence by enabling dynamic, service-driven virtual networks. Ineda’s industry leading low-power SoC technology offers enhanced network agility and helps optimize the use of network resources,” said Ranjit Deshpande, CTO, K2-Inc. “Partnering with Ineda, K2 is bringing the lowest-power and more efficient software defined networking to the world of ‘Internet of Things.’”

Key features of Ineda’s IoT platforms based on its I3 Series and I7 Series for smart end-node applications are:

1. Connectivity options, Wi-Fi, ZigBee, and BT/BLE interface.

2. Advanced hardware security features which include secured boot, cryptographic accelerators, secured memory, and secured peripherals.

3. Always-on sensing engine to realize efficient contextual awareness.

4. Integrated graphic and audio features.

5. Fully integrated software development kit (SDK) with complete drivers, operating system, middleware, network stacks, cloud connectivity, and security services with simple APIs.

For more information about the IoT platforms, visit Ineda’s website at