Rivada Triangulation
Photo source: www.rivada.com

Rivada Networks announces that the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office has allowed US Patent 14/961,088: “Enhanced Location-Based Services using a single device with pseudo location positioning for improved 3D positioning”.

The patented technology will allow a mobile or IoT device to improve its position by, in effect, triangulating its location on itself. Unlike traditional triangulation, this method is not dependent on other devices. The patent also enables to location software to work on much lower power consumption than alternative LBS technologies, and has the potential to dramatically improve the battery life of mobile devices.

The self-triangulation technology has the potential to significantly change problems with battery drainage, Rivada Networks Chief Scientist Clint Smith says:

“Location based technologies at present consume battery power at an alarming rate, which renders their use in a disaster situation difficult. At times like that, when location services are essential, and power hard to come by, a solution which is more accurate and less power-intensive will be vital.

“Our patented technology will also improve the accuracy of the service. E-LBS, as patented by Rivada Networks, allows location to be identified precisely in three dimensions. By triangulating off the device’s own previous estimates of its location, we are able to triangulate the precise location of a device in all three dimensions with tremendous accuracy.

“We at Rivada are very excited about the patent allowed today. It has significant potential to transform the way we use location-based services both in our daily lives, and at the times when we need them most.”

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