Photo source: www.rrdonnelley.com/

R. R. Donnelley & Sons Company, a leading provider of communication services and innovator in printed electronics, and RFID pacesetter, Smartrac, have agreed to jointly market an innovative process for RAIN RFID implementation that will enable growth in the number of products connected to the Internet of Things (IoT) through smart packaging and related solutions.

Both companies will bring specific strengths to the collaboration. RR Donnelley will leverage its uniqueprinted electronics capabilities including customized antenna design and printing, and its leadership in labels and packaging markets. Smartrac will contribute its extensive chip attach capacity, plus the data collection and processing capabilities of Smart Cosmos, the company’s IoT services and solutions platform.

By leveraging each other’s fields of expertise, the companies have developed a unique method for manufacturing RAIN inlays using two distinct components that do not need to be adhered together. This method expands upon current use cases and creates new opportunities for value-added products and services. For example, it provides brand owners a means to simplify their RFID compliance needs by making all product tags, labels, and packaging RFID-ready and then enabling them on an as-needed basis. Additional use cases include inventory management, asset tracking, authentication, retail theft prevention, consumer engagement and others.

Dan Knotts, Chief Operating Officer for RR Donnelley remarked, “We are excited to enter into this agreement with Smartrac, one of the world’s leading RFID providers. This agreement leverages the scale and expertise that our respective companies possess, allowing us to bring innovative RFID solutions to customers across many market segments, in whatever form they require. Our joint developments with Smartrac will also enable a wider variety of RFID-based value-added services, helping to broaden adoption of RAIN UHF RFID technology.”

“We are very proud and delighted to enter into a ‘collaboration of equals’ with a Fortune 500 company like RR Donnelley. This collaboration will not only strengthen and broaden our product portfolio but also boost our company’s development abilities and support our transition into a provider of solutions that are based on RFID and IoT technology. In particular, we will take advantage of our joint strengths to drive IoT innovations in smart labeling and packaging,” says Christian Uhl, Chief Executive Officer and Chairman of the Management Board, Smartrac Technology Group

For more information, and for RR Donnelley’s Global Social Responsibility Report, visit the company’s web site at www.rrdonnelley.com.