RWE have created a communication protocol called “Lemonbeat” which can address challenges within the Internet of Things. Part of the solution is a common language called “Lemonbeat Smart Device Language”, compact enough to be used even by the simplest of devices, yet expandable to serve complex machinery.

Several products already use the communication protocol called “Lemonbeat”.

Widespread adoption would ensure that all things in the Internet are linkable and could work on the same logic. “I firmly believe that this increased commonality amongst devices will dramatically speed up innovation within the IoT Industry,” said Dr. Dietrich Gemmel, managing director of RWE Effizienz. The ability to use Lemonbeat as a whole, or combine Lemonbeat Smart Device Language with other protocols such as Bluetooth, WLAN or Thread is seen as the key to proliferation.

The solution stems from experience gained through home automation, several products of which now use Lemonbeat. “We have taken advantage of our technological edge as the market leader in Germany to develop a common communication concept – for the full bandwidth of the Internet of Things,” says Gemmel.

The initial offering is a chip and licences for software which allows the swift implementation of Lemonbeat. Further products are expected to follow.

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