MEC Starter Kit

Saguna, a leading provider and pioneer of Multi-access Edge Cloud (MEC) solutions, transforming broadband networks into powerful cloud computing platforms, announced today the launch of the MEC Starter Kit; a complete, easy-to-use, production-ready MEC solution. The Kit is designed to help Communication Service Providers (CSPs) and application developers gain valuable hands-on experience, realize the benefits and accelerate development, integration and deployment of their MEC ecosystem and Edge applications.

The Edge Cloud, which brings together cloud computing and communication networks, has become a hot trend in the telecom and enterprise markets. To gain a competitive edge, capture market share and increase revenues, CSPs and application developers need a fast & easy way to evaluate their MEC strategy and establish their Edge Cloud offering in Internet-of-things (IoT), virtual and augmented-reality, connected cars, content-delivery, enterprise applications and more.

Saguna’s MEC Solutions feature the company’s award-winning Saguna Open-RAN; a powerful yet lean \ Edge Cloud environment that provides minimal latency, real-time interactions, and broadband delivery combined with local management. Fully compliant with the ETSI MEC standard, Saguna Open-RAN is a highly scalable Multi-access Edge Cloud Computing solution driven by local cloudlet management & automation. Easy-to-use REST APIs ensure simple integration for Edge Applications and provide valuable real-time information services including user location and network status.

Now, with the release of Saguna’s MEC Starter Kit, which is based on Saguna Open-RAN, there is a simple yet effective way to:

  • Get hands-on experience operating the MEC environment.
  • Realize MEC benefits and impact on user-experience.
  • Accelerate the development and integration of new Edge Applications.
  • Evaluate Edge Cloud opportunities, new services, and applications.
  • Test the performance, functionality and mobility of your Edge Applications.
  • Manage and automate the distributed Edge Cloudlets operation

“The Multi-access Edge Cloud has the power to transform broadband networks into fast and localized cloud computing infrastructures.” Said Lior Fite Saguna’s CEO “As MEC leaders & pioneers, Saguna is dedicated to empower CSPs, and application developers to advance and accelerate their Edge Cloud initiatives. With our release of the world’s first MEC Starter Kit, which is an easy-to-use package and can be setup in a couple of hours, seizing the MEC opportunity is easier than ever.”

The MEC Starter Kit package includes a complete, virtualized MEC environment, sample Edge applications and support package:

  •  Saguna vEdge MEC Platform, which creates an open cloud-computing environment designed to run Edge Applications, and features a powerful yet lean architecture with built-in security, routing, scaling & load balancing.
  • Saguna OMA (Open Management & Automation), which promotes scalability by fully automating the ‘collective of cloudlets’ operation, and supports integration with centralized orchestration & management systems.
  • Sample content delivery and IoT applications to help accelerate development, integration & testing of Edge Applications and the Multi access Edge Cloud environment.
  • Support & training package provided by Saguna’s team of MEC experts.