Smart Building
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Samsung Electronics and Daintree Networks—the leader in open networked wireless control, sensing and Enterprise Internet of Things solutions for smart buildings—are collaborating on joint solutions involving Samsung’s smart lighting module (SLM). Samsung’s SLM, which will be integrated with LED luminaires from lighting OEMs, enables greater intelligence through device-level processing, as well as enhanced connectivity through multiple embedded communications technologies, including the open standard ZigBee protocol.  Combining Samsung’s SLM technology with the Daintree Networks ControlScope networked wireless control solution makes new Internet of Things (IoT) applications possible for smart buildings.

Dr. Jacob Tarn, Executive Vice President, LED Business Team, Samsung Electronics, explained, “Samsung’s SLM technology will make all devices connected to it, from LED luminaires to sensors to future control products, even smarter. Because SLM is the key for a wide variety of smart lighting applications, our customers can achieve fast time-to-market and their luminaires can be optimized for many different smart lighting environments. By partnering with Daintree Networks, with their ControlScope solution, we will support traditional lighting control as well as enable new sensor-driven applications. For example, by connecting third-party occupancy sensors to our SLM technology, ControlScope customers will be able to more accurately monitor occupant patterns that can improve business operations and enhance security in retail environments.”

“Our partnership with Samsung reinforces our commitment to provide open wireless networking solutions to enable the Enterprise Internet of ThingsTM (E-IoTTM),” said Derek Proudian, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Daintree Networks, Inc. “The unique architecture found in Samsung’s SLM is a great match for the advanced technology in ControlScope and further demonstrates connected LED lighting as the natural infrastructure for smart buildings across retail, office and industrial environments. With an expanding array of open standard control devices and open software innovation, Daintree is accelerating the development of high-value business outcomes for our enterprise customers. We are excited to collaborate with Samsung to advance our industry.”

ControlScope is an open standards-based mesh networking control solution and enterprise IoT platform. Daintree Networks provides the in-building wireless network communications and cloud-based intelligent control software, and customers are free to choose from a variety of third-party control devices including sensors, fixtures, programmable thermostats, and more—all using trusted industry standards for wireless communications. Daintree Networks’ ControlScope is the industry’s most flexible, cost-effective energy management and building automation solution that also enables the sensor data-driven E-IoT.

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