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Samsung Electronics America, a leader in home appliance innovations, announced the availability of the Samsung Flex Duo Slide-in Range with Dual Door and Wi-Fi Connectivity, a new smart range that combines advanced technology with flexible functionality to make meal preparation easier, faster and more enjoyable.

“Consumers are cooking and entertaining in their homes now more than ever, and they want beautifully designed innovations that enrich that experience.” said John Herrington, Senior Vice President, General Manager of Home Appliance at Samsung. “The Samsung Wi-Fi Connectivity Range represents the very latest in modern cooking convenience and performance.”

Award-Winning Connectivity and Flexibility

The Samsung Flex Duo ™ Slide-in Range with Dual Door™ gives home cooks the freedom to control their meal prep times and temperatures without having to stay in the kitchen. Leveraging Internet of Things (IoT) capabilities, the range lets you remotely monitor the cooktop and oven functions on your smartphone using a simple app. You can preheat and adjust oven cooking temperatures, set a timer, receive real-time alerts on oven temperatures and turn the oven off – all from your smartphone. It can even tell you if you left your burners on. And with the electric version of the range, you can even turn your oven on remotely.

This WiFi Range incorporates two of Samsung’s most recent oven design innovations – Flex Duo™ technology and Soft Close Dual Door — to further expand the cooking horizon for consumers. Flex Duo™ gives home cooks the ultimate in cooking flexibility through multiple oven configurations.

Consumers can easily use the traditional single oven compartment, or separate the space into two distinct compartments (2.4 cu. ft. on top; 3.3 cu. ft. on bottom) with Samsung’s inventive Smart Divider. When the Smart Divider is in use, the upper and lower cooking zones can be used to cook two different dishes simultaneously, using different temperature and time settings, with no noticeable transfer of aroma or taste between the two.

The range also allows you to save energy by simply using just one zone for smaller meals. And cooking without the Smart Divider gives you room to cook larger items, which is perfect for that 20 lb. holiday turkey.

The range features a Soft Close Dual Door, engineered with a hinge in the middle so consumers can open just the top compartment or pull down the full door. Its center hinge maximizes cooking efficiency, saves energy and prevents heat loss by giving you the option of just opening the top compartment when that’s all you need. And it closes quietly to prevent door slams.

Cooking Convenience Wrapped in a Premium Package

The cooktop is controlled by easy-grip metallic knobs softly backlit with ice blue LED lights, making it clear from even across the room if a burner is on. The Guiding Light Controls, built into a sleek glass touch panel on the front of the range, offer simple, step-by-step instructions for selecting and using options like oven temperature and time settings by zone, programmed recipes and cleaning settings.

For those cooks looking for precise control and optimum power, the gas version of the range comes complete with a 22K BTU burner that delivers fast, even heating.

The Samsung Flex Duo™ Slide-in Range with Dual Door creates a strong design statement as the cooking centerpiece of the kitchen, with premium finish options, modern dual door, widescreen display panel and quick-clean black ceramic glass cooktop. And its slide-in design in the standard size means it can easily replace an existing range, sliding between cabinets to create a custom built-in look to complete your kitchen.

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