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SC Magazine announced its second SC Congress London conference and expo to be held at the ILEC Conference Centre on 3 June 2014. This live event is free to IT security professionals and features top-level discussions, panels and networking opportunities to address the latest trends in information security threats, solutions and strategies to protect enterprises.

“Given the heighted cyber crime challenges in the UK and the huge response to the first SC Congress London, we have added a second UK event to our calendar this year,” says Illena Armstrong, VP of editorial at SC Magazine. “If you were not able to attend our inaugural event in March, this is another opportunity to experience a full day of impactful information security news and solutions from local industry leaders. This event features an all new programme of speakers and keynotes providing expert guidance, practical solutions and timely information necessary to help organisations deal with the ever-changing security landscape.”

Join IT security professionals from all over the UK as expert keynotes and panellists provide a range of experiences and insight along with the most effective strategies they’ve found to successfully take on the biggest security issues. While additional sessions are still being added to the agenda, the programme for SC Congress London already includes these thought-provoking keynotes:

  •     Point of sale (POS), PCI, data theft and the future of credit/debit cards – Some of the latest victims of data theft are large retailers, attacked through their POS systems. Europe seems to be a step ahead of this trend given the implementation of chip-and-PIN-enabled cards rather than swipe cards. However, recent breaches bring the reliability and security of retail purchasing into question. Where does the payment card industry’s set of regulations fit in and what are the logical next steps in process and technology to secure payment transactions?
  •     EU new data protection – Everything seems to be on the table for debate – from requiring organisations to ask for permission from authorities before using personal information to the future trustworthiness of Safe Harbour with US entities. Expected to be approved in March 2014, an updated data protection law will have far-reaching effects on the UK and EU member countries. Join Stewart Room, partner at Fields Fisher Waterhouse LLP, and a panel of experts as they discuss the ins and outs of new data protection.
  •     Not so smartphones – Observe an eye-popping demonstration and ensuing discussion on how ‘smartphones’ are, in actuality, not all that smart – particularly when it comes to security and privacy. Join SensePost’s Daniel Cuthbert and Glenn Wilkinson as they discuss best practices, counter measures and risk mitigation when dealing with smartphones.
  •     Is your refrigerator attacking my website? – The security of the Internet of Things (IoT) went from something abstract to something very real as proof-of-concept attacks using household, internet-connected appliances began surfacing. While enterprises across industries concern themselves with mobile devices, the cloud and POS malware, your neighbour’s refrigerators and microwaves may now be DDoSing your website. How real and serious is this threat and what does it mean for the security industry?
  •     Never forget the 80-20 rule – As it applies to cyber security, 80 percent of threats can be thwarted by applying known best practises. As scary and newsworthy as the other 20 percent are (zero-day exploits, APTs, etc.), we always need to makes sure we practise good cyber security hygiene to protect against the 80 percent. Join Derrick Bates, trust information security officer at North Cumbria University; and Sarah Stephens, head of cyber & commercial E&O for the EMEA at Aon, as they discuss how keeping an eye on the low-lying fruit can help your company stay secure.

Hailed as one of the most impactful global security conference series, SC Congress London is the latest addition to annual events produced by SC Magazine in Chicago, New York and Toronto. Each conference features dynamic speakers, delivers actionable insights on the most pressing security topics and shares perspectives on security intelligence unique to each region. SC Magazine, with its longstanding reputation in the United Kingdom, provides local security practitioners with a provocative event that influences the manner in which attendees perceive and act on the latest breaking security topics.

Additional agenda items, topics and expert security panellists will continue to be announced in the days leading to the event. To register, view the agenda, and see a full list of speakers, media partners and sponsors, please visit:

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