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SCADAfence, a pioneer in securing industrial networks in smart manufacturing industries, announced it has joined Gigamon’s ecosystem partner program to provide a joint cybersecurity solution.

With the adoption of Industrial IoT, manufacturing facilities are more productive, easier to manage and more cost-effective to operate. However, the major technology changes taking place have exposed mission critical systems to cyber-attacks. Additionally, traditional IT monitoring and cybersecurity solutions were not designed for Operational Technology (OT) environments and therefore, do not fit the unique requirements they demand. This can leave smart manufacturing networks in industries such as pharmaceutical, chemical, food & beverage and automotive almost completely unprotected and unmonitored.

SCADAfence’s Continuous Industrial Networks Monitor solution is fully interoperable with Gigamon’s GigaSECURE and provides IT and OT security personnel with a holistic view of their industrial network, as well as advanced detection capabilities. The joint solution restores control of the industrial environment and mitigates risks, such as operational downtime, product manipulation and theft of intellectual property.

“Partnering with Gigamon in protecting industrial environments has been a real privilege for us,” said Yoni Shohet, Co-founder and CEO of SCADAfence. “The partnership is a testament to our proven technology that bridges the gap between IT and OT and helps protect critical production environments to ensure operational continuity in the age of Industrial IoT. The joint solution provides industrial asset and network visibility and alerts manufacturers to abnormal activities from malicious malware to non-malicious human error, allowing them to quickly respond with increased accuracy.”

The joint solution leverages Gigamon’s capability to provide visibility of network traffic from across the ICS/SCADA environment, ensuring continuous traffic monitoring. The network traffic is passively gathered by Gigamon, deduplicated, aggregated into scalable traffic streams and then passed to SCADAfence’s continuous monitoring solution which analyzes the internal communications, including industrial protocols deep packet inspection (DPI). Comprehensive understanding of the industrial environment improves OT, IT and security teams’ capability to minimize operational and cyber risk on the production floor.

“Many of our customers run specialized industrial networks controlling the manufacturing processes that power their business. As the market leader in network traffic visibility solutions, we see a great need for visibility and cybersecurity capabilities for these industrial customers,” said Phil Griston, Director of Alliances at Gigamon. “We are pleased to have SCADAfence on board with us to offer a robust solution for ICS/SCADA environments. The joint solution leverages both companies’ strengths and offers our customers a security solution that is effective, easy to implement and doesn’t pose any implementation risk to the industrial environment.”

Snapshot of Key Benefits

  • Detect a variety of cyber-attacks, from previously-known malware and disclosed vulnerabilities to new, sophisticated attack vectors
  • Monitor and detect non-malicious operational threats such as misconfigurations and human errors
  • Increased, industrial protocol context-aware, network visibility including automatic asset discovery, asset inventory and network topology
  • Enhanced and faster response to events while determining root cause to minimize reoccurrence.

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