Screen, a groundbreaking smart home automation (IoT) solution to setting healthy limits on family screen time is now available for pre-order at The unprecedented IoT technology manages ALL screen-based electronics – including phones/tablets, PCs, TVs, game consoles and streaming devices like Apple TV – from a mobile app that works both inside and outside the home; shows how, where and for what reason IoT devices are being used; and allows parents to “shutdown” all devices with a shake of the mobile phone from any location, whether it be the office or home.

Screen’s creator, mom and software engineer Tali Orad, garnered financial backing from an impressive list of investors associated with well-known brands, including The Huffington Post, LittleBits, Kickstarter, SmartThings, August, Vine, and more, reaching $1.9 million in seed funding. Investors included Lerer Hippeau Ventures, Collaborative Fund, Advancit Capital, Novel TMT Ventures, Box Group, Maveron Capital and Peter Hershberger, an angel investor. After a year of major technology research and development, along with multiple focus groups and user experience testing, screen is working today with Beta user families.

Founder and CEO of screen, Tali Orad, found the problem of trying to put healthy limits on screen time in her own family unbearable. “Just as we make sure our kids have healthy eating habits, in the digital age, we need to to make sure they learn healthy screen habits. We tried every existing parental and screen time control technology, nothing worked for the entire house or outside our home. ”

“We are thrilled to be investors in screen,” said Rebecca Kaden, a partner at Maveron Capital. “We love businesses that use technology to create positive change and connectivity while meeting real, acute needs, andscreen is at the heart of this. We love the true customer-centric approach, focus on brand, and determination to create product that causes delight. We can’t wait to see it in homes across the country.”

“A few weeks after I met Tali for the first time, I observed a young family while waiting at the airport,” said Taylor Greene, partner Lerer Hippeau Ventures. “Both parents were buried in their phones and their 2 year old was on the floor trying to swipe a magazine as if it was an iPad. That’s when I knew Tali was on to something. It feels great to invest in a team leading the way in helping families find a way to reconnect by managing the time they spend with their devices.”

Screen’s features include:

  • Family Agreement
  • Family Rules
  • Turn Off Devices
  • Interactive time management
  • Location
  • Device Usage
  • *SHAKE* – To turn all devices off.

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