Sengled is partnering with leading AI company, Baidu, to introduce the Sengled Smart Lamp Speaker, a new voice-enabled lighting concept. Both companies will showcase Sengled Smart Lamp Speaker at the annual CES in Las Vegas, NV, January 9-12, 2018, with the official reveal commencing at the Baidu World @ Las Vegas on January 8, 2018.

The combination of Baidu’s DuerOS interactive AI operating system and Sengled’s proficiency in LED lighting yields China’s first voice-activated lamp speaker, a fusion of sound and light in one device. With 16 million colors of light and advanced acoustics, users will easily be able to set the mood for any occasion like entertaining, working or relaxing. The Baidu DuerOS interactive engine provides full data capabilities that can be unlocked with the sound of one’s voice. Equipped with noise reduction technology and six near and far field microphones, one’s voice commands will be easily recognized by the Sengled Smart Lamp Speaker to deliver information and assistance such as news reports and scheduling.

“Baidu DuerOS has been looking for partners in all fields of smart home to launch a series of smart products with voice control capabilities,” Said Kun Jing, General Manager of Baidu Duer Business Unit.“We know the era of voice-activated smart home is upon us, and with Sengled as our premium smart lighting partner, we believe the Sengled Smart Lamp Speaker will give consumers an enjoyable and convenient smart home experience.”

Sengled Founder and Chairman, Jinxiang Shen is equally as encouraged by the partnership, noting that, “Since 2011, Sengled has been exploring AI with focus on image recognition and smart system integration, resulting in hundreds of patents focused on IoT technologies. Our cooperation with Baidu leverages Sengled’s strengths in smart lighting, audio control and AI system integration, and with the capabilities of the Baidu DuerOS in AI technology and big data, we can now successfully deliver a voice activated smart lamp speaker to consumers.”

Sengled Smart Lamp Speaker will be on display at CES 2018, January 9-12, at the Baidu booth (LVCC #25308, South Hall 2, CES Tech East) and Sengled booth (Sands Expo #41337). Sengled will also feature its full portfolio of smart lighting products including the latest Element Color Plus, Solo Color Plus and Snap 2.