Sensewaves is proud to announce that it is among the winners of the 1st INCENSe call, the only CleanTech and energy accelerator co-funded by the European Commission as part of its FIWARE Accelerate programme.

INCENSe, an initiative launched by Enel, Endesa, Accelerace and FundingBox, and supported by the European Commission’s FIWARE Accelerate program, is the only business accelerator dedicated to clean technology and energy. With over 230 entries across 31 countries, 26 finalist were invited to Rome, to present at the headquarters of Enel, INCENSE’s coordinator. Of these Sensewaves was selected as one of 14 winners.

“The selection was based on industrial criteria,” says Ernesto Ciorra, the Enel Group’s Head of Innovation and Sustainability. “We have worked hard alongside our Incense Partners in identifying the most promising startups, which are able to develop solutions that address real problems.”

With sensors all along the energy distribution network, IoT is raising expectations for the entire energy and environmental sector. Utilities in the smart grid era need to ensure that their expensive equipment is working flawlessly and prevent any damage before it occurs, while load balancing operators and power suppliers need to ensure the stability of the network, greener energy mixtures and improved user experience.

« The Sensewaves’ platform provides a complete time-series, streaming analytics solution through a set of predictive, prescriptive and trend analysis tools. For example, a district or smart city operator can leverage the continuous, multi-scenario, short-term predictions tool to detect any last second change in the balance of the network and prevent peak loads in real time, by switching off consumption devices or time-shifting activities. Similarly, utility operators can use our trend analysis and anomaly detection tools to be instantly provided with a deep understanding of the performance and condition of the machine over time, to unravel the events of interest and discover their root causes, or to detect in real time unusual behaviours and raise anomaly alerts.” said Fivos Maniatakos, CEO of Sensewaves. “We are excited to be part of the INCENSe accelerator. We are looking forward to working together with Enel and Endesa and prove the value of our time-series, streaming analytics for real, unsolved problems of the energy sector. »

About INCENSe and partners of the INCENSe Call

INCENSe is coordinated by Enel, a multi-national power company and a leading integrated player in the world’s power and gas markets, with a particular focus on Europe and Latin America.

Other partners include Enel subsidiary Endesa, Spain’s number one electricity business, Accelerace, a leading accelerator in northern Europe that has experience in supporting startups, and FundingBox Accelerator, which is the largest global public funding platform for startups and researchers.

About Sensewaves

Sensewaves makes connected assets smarter by transforming raw sensor data into impactful insights. Their solutions include predictive, behavioural, context and trend analysis for energy and lifecycle management applications – with an initial focus on real-time, context-aware anomaly detection for industrial and mission-critical applications. For more information, please visit our website at