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Sensify Security, a company that delivers decentralized information security services for industrial & commercial IoT operations with centralized control, policy management & compliance, recently joined the The Industrial Internet Consortium, the global, member-supported organization that promotes the accelerated growth of the IIoT. Sensify Security is in the forefront of IoT security by enabling operators to control access between users, applications, control systems & sensor devices by hosting sophisticated information security services within their operating environments. Sensify’s blockchain-based consensus protocol builds high levels of tamper-resistance into these services in conjunction with industrial-scale control of policies & compliance. Sensify has partnered with industrial vendors & operators across verticals like energy distribution (smart-grids), aviation, building management & transportation. The IIC membership creates a platform for multiple vendors and Sensify Security to collaborate and create industry standard security solutions.

The proliferation of Internet-connected devices in industrial & commercial operations coupled with lack of common standards across embedded systems has led to a surge in weapons-grade cyber-attacks on such operations. The scale and severity of such attacks have increased rapidly over the last 2-3 years; as witnessed in the recent Internet-wide DDoS attack that leveraged connected devices (like cameras, DVRs & routers) to host botnets and generate a record 1.2 Tbps traffic towards DNS provider Dyn. Such exploits have exposed systemic weaknesses with current cyber-security approaches like permanent certificates and backdoor passwords. Sensify’s approach brings agile cyber-defense capabilities at the device-level within operational environments, and skews the economics of such cyber-attacks in favor of the operators away from the adversaries.

Sensify defends heterogeneous IoT devices & applications against cyber-attacks by delivering decentralized information security services that are integrated with enterprise security. Sensify provides identity, authentication and authorization services uniquely local to IoT devices. It provides a consistent security service delivery that spans users, applications & control systems. It is deployed as a security gateway within operating environments and integrates with both TCP/IP & industrial networks. Sensify leverages a blockchain-based consensus protocol for tamper-resistant & secure propagation of security services to IoT devices from the enterprise. This also protects against adversarial control of IoT devices. Sensify provides centralized control, policy management and compliance by closely integrating with the operator’s existing enterprise security systems like Active Directory, LDAP & OAuth.

“With our abilities of building ground-up cyber-defense capabilities in IoT operations, Sensify is committed to contributing – along with other IIC members – towards creating reference architectures & best practices for IoT security to empower operators across industry verticals to rise up to today’s challenges of cyber-security,” said Susanto Irwan, co-founder of Sensify Security.

“Securing IoT devices is top of mind for most enterprises, especially given the recent uptick in security breaches, for example the recent DDoS attacks,” said Dr. Richard Soley, Executive Director, Industrial Internet Consortium. “We look forward to the expertise of Sensify Security as we define ways to help enterprises defend themselves against viscous attacks that can cost them billions.”

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