Sensify Security has joined the OpenFog Consortium to help establish global security and privacy requirements for fog computing. Fog computing is the new, necessary architecture to run data-dense, mission critical Internet of Things (IoT) and 5G applications.

Industrial IoT environments are transformative and vast in scale, yet remain vulnerable in today’s connected world. Sensify takes a localized approach to security, which stops breaches at the edge before a cyber attack can get through. It uses a blockchain-based consensus protocol for tamper-resistant, secure propagation of security services from the enterprise to the IoT devices spanning users, applications & control systems. Sensify protects against adversarial control of IoT devices, leveraging a security gateway within operating environments which integrates with both IP and industrial networks.

“From autonomous cars to drones to smart factories, the rapid transfer of information is driving critical operational decisions. Systems aren’t slowing down for security checks. Identifying, authenticating and authorizing devices and the data they generate from the edge to the cloud and back, needs to happen with sub-millisecond accuracy. Sensify’s approach is a strong example of what we’re driving with the OpenFog Reference Architecture,” said Helder Antunes, Chairman of the OpenFog Consortium and senior director, Corporate Strategic Innovation Group at Cisco. “We’re looking forward to Sensify’s contributions as we define the necessary access control, policy management and distribution approach to open, interoperable fog environments.”

“With our focus on industrial and commercial operations, Sensify ensures security and business continuity over large territories undeterred by intermittent network connectivity and cybersecurity attacks. Sensify’s integration with multiple industrial networking standards provides granular provisioning of identity and role-based access control policies with enforcement and audit trails to enable our customers to meet compliance requirements,” said Susanto Irwan, co-founder of Sensify. “Sensify is committed to contributing and collaborating with OpenFog members to establish security reference architectures that address IoT security challenges and serve as a foundational block for fog computing”