Sensory, a Silicon Valley-based company focused on improving the user experience of consumer electronics through state-of-the-art embedded voice and vision technologies, announced that TrulyHandsfree™, the industry’s most powerful embedded always-on, always-listening voice interface, is the first technology of its kind offered on the Samsung ARTIKTM platform. This relationship allows adopters of the Samsung ARTIK to design IoT products that offer a completely hands-free user experience. Sensory TrulyHandsfree technology and speech recognition for smart-home control will be showcased on the ARTIK at the Samsung Strategy and Innovation Suite in Caesars Palace at CES 2016.

“Sensory is pleased to be working with Samsung to offer TrulyHandsfree on the ARTIK platform. We have worked with Samsung for many years in the smartphone, tablet and wearables spaces, and are excited to carve new paths with them in IoT. ARTIK is an exciting platform that makes IoT development faster with less hurdles in going to market, and the addition of TrulyHandsfree enables exciting hands-free features including authentication and control,” commented Todd Mozer, Founder and CEO of Sensory.

Samsung ARTIK is an open platform designed to enable faster and simpler development of new enterprise, industrial and consumer applications for the Internet of Things. It is designed to deliver a superior end-to-end solution with integrated modules featuring best-in-class security, cloud connectivity, local intelligence and a wealth of partner applications through its rich developer ecosystem. Samsung ARTIK is designed to accelerate development of a new generation of better, smarter IoT devices, solutions and services.

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