SentryBay has combined its expertise in anti-keylogging, secure browsing and mobile security to create cross-platform solutions for the secure launch and management of IoT devices. The solution secures data entry, the host application and data submission into a cloud-based IoT application.

The severity of attacks on IoT data range from inconsequential to life-threatening. For example, attacks which modify the dosage of a medical dispenser or the operation of a vehicle – think Chrysler the other week – can have very serious consequences. Even seemingly innocuous data can produce meaningful conclusions in an inference attack.

The Open Web Application Security Project (OWASP) is the globally-recognised authority for identifying and ranking current web threats. OWASP have reviewed the whole IoT ecosystem, and identified the top 10 IoT security threat areas, in order of impact. SentryBay’s IoTsecure solutions address items 1,2,4,6 and 7 of this list. Securing user credentials (and other data entered) provides the single biggest impact on IoT security and privacy.

According to a market research report from MarketsandMarkets, The Internet of Things (IoT) security market, which consists of smart technology solutions and services that aim at securing the network of connected devices, is expected to reach $28.90 billion by 2020.

IoTsecure for PC provides a locked-down container within Windows to securely connect to a IoT console, it incorporates kernel and userland level anti-key logging techniques, and leaves no trace of any user data on the device. It includes MITB and MITM protections and can integrate third-party multifactor authentication mechanisms.

IotSecure for Mobile/Tablet locks down the interaction and the data by directly opening the cloud-based interface/control panel within a secure application wrapper and uses an embedded secure keypad which prevents keylogging, screen capture, tap jacking, data interception and prevents decrypted data flows outside the app. The security can be built-in via a SDK to a host application.

Dave Waterson, SentryBay CEO says: “IoT is exploding onto the information technology scene. It will produce far more data travelling across networks and will exponentially enlarge potential attack surfaces. Securing the user interaction end of the IoT ecosystem is a great leap forward in terms of IoT security and privacy”.

The various technologies included within IoTsecure are patented and patent-pending to SentryBay. Further information can be found here

About SentryBay

SentryBay Limited is a privately held firm headquartered in London with offices in the USA and Australasia and clients and partners globally. SentryBay specializes in providing real-time security technologies for PC, Mobile, Cloud and IoT devices.