SIGFOX and NarrowNet announced that NarrowNet will become the exclusive SIGFOX network operator in Portugal.

SIGFOX’s cost-effective, energy-efficient global network eliminates the cost and energy-use barriers to widen implementation of IoT solutions by providing small- message communication and greatly extending the battery and service life of connected devices.

Under the agreement, NarrowNet is deploying the SIGFOX network and developing the Portuguese IoT ecosystem for device manufacturers and service providers. It will offer IoT connectivity nationwide this year. During the rollout, NarrowNet will showcase a variety of projects that are being offered with the SIGFOX network in other countries.

NarrowNet CEO Enrique Zorzano said the partnership is expected to spur Portuguese entrepreneurs, engineers and others to create new IoT applications and projects that are easily justified by SIGFOX’s extremely cost-effective connectivity.

“Our motivations for joining the SIGFOX network include tapping into Portugal’s deep pool of talent for developing new technologies, and providing IoT services to all segments of Portuguese society, including those who cannot afford broadband services,” Zorzano said. “Moreover, we foresee an intense collaboration with major telecommunication companies to provide M2M services in those areas where they are unavailable, as well as to help them to extend the range of connectivity services they offer. Soon we will be happy to announce the integration in NarrowNet’s project of well-known Portuguese infrastructure companies.”

The SIGFOX global network has been deployed in France, the Netherlands, the U.K. and Spain, as well as in major cities in other countries. Hundreds of ongoing SIGFOX partner projects are designed to take advantage of the company’s seamless global network that allows connectivity between every country where SIGFOX operates its network.

“Portugal has an active, fast-growing Internet of Things market, and our partnership with NarrowNet is a significant part of SIGFOX’s plan to establish a global cellular network dedicated to the IoT,” said Rodolphe Baronnet-Frugès, executive vice president international business development. “This partnership highlights once again how the SIGFOX Network Operator program allows local providers to quickly and economically offer Internet of Things connectivity and services.”

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About NarrowNet

NarrowNet, integrated by the Kaisaras Group and the JDF Capital Investment, is an entirely new Portuguese company exclusively created to develop the IoT in Portugal, under the SIGFOX technology.

The wide expertise of Kaisaras Group in Business Development will be fully applied in this new project, always having in mind its successful philosophy: great service, dedicated team, and low operational cost.

As it was carried out in previous projects, a quick deployment of the network and a full support to the ecosystem development will be key elements to offer not only communication capacity in all the Portuguese territory, but also to facilitate roaming to other National SIGFOX Operators.

The company aims to develop a world-class business in Portugal with the SIGFOX network, and expand to other countries in the near future.

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