Sengled Element

Silicon Labs is the provider of best-in-class zigbee® technology for the award-winning Element connected light bulb from Sengled. Silicon Labs’ wireless SoCs and zigbee stack enable Element bulbs to connect easily to multi-node mesh networks deployed in smart homes. Sengled creates intelligent lighting products that integrate consumer electronics with energy-saving LED bulbs. Using iOS and Android apps or popular smart home ecosystems, consumers can control Element bulbs individually or as groups, customize an array of smart lighting features, and schedule lights to turn on automatically in the evening or off during daylight hours to conserve energy.

“Simple, reliable wireless connectivity is critical to the market success of the Element bulb,” said Charles Sun, Vice President of R&D at Sengled. “That’s why we chose to implement Silicon Labs’ robust zigbee stack, market-proven wireless SoCs and easy-to-use software development tools. Silicon Labs’ global applications engineering team also provides unparalleled expertise in mesh networking design and worldwide RF certification.”

The Element bulb’s sleek, modern design fits seamlessly into existing light sockets and complements contemporary home decor. The Sengled Element combines the unmatched energy efficiency of an LED bulb with advanced features such as customizable scheduling, color temperature tuning (soft white 2700K to daylight 6500K) and energy tracking, all controlled through cloud-connected wireless technology. An Element bulb uses 80 percent less energy than traditional incandescent bulbs, offers a 60 W output equivalent while using only 9.8 W and is rated to last approximately 22 years. The Sengled Element bulb was selected as a 2017 CES Honoree in the Eco-Design and Sustainable Technologies category.

“We applaud Sengled for winning awards and consumer loyalty in today’s competitive, fast-growing connected lighting market,” said Daniel Cooley, Senior Vice President and General Manager of Silicon Labs’ IoT products. “We’re proud to provide application-critical wireless technology for Sengled’s innovative smart lighting products, which are making a positive difference in the lives of consumers and for the environment.”

Zigbee is a leading wireless mesh networking protocol for connected lighting applications. Based on the widely adopted IEEE 802.15.4 standard and operating in the 2.4 GHz band, zigbee provides the scalability, interoperability, reliability, energy efficiency and security features required for wireless smart lighting control. Silicon Labs is the industry’s leading supplier of zigbee mesh networking technology for Internet of Things (IoT) applications including connected lighting. To date, Silicon Labs has shipped more than 100 million mesh networking SoCs and modules to customers worldwide.