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Silver Spring Networks, Inc. and CPFL Energia, Brazil’s largest private-sector electricity company, have announced the expansion of CPFL’s Distribution Automation (DA) program with Silver Spring. Covering 305 cities across more than 100,000 km² of CPFL’s service territory in São Paulo state, Silver Spring and CPFL’s program is believed to be one of the world’s largest DA deployments when measured by service territory, and is built upon Silver Spring’s IPv6 platform deployment for Advanced Metering Infrastructure for ‘Grupo A’ customers in the region. The CPFL program will expand on CPFL’s current Silver Spring deployment of 640 reclosers to connect an additional 3,700 reclosers, helping to improve service reliability for consumers, while speeding up fault detection and accelerating system restoration.

“As part of the CPFL technology infrastructure modernization program, we have focused a large proportion of our investment on this smart grid program,” said Caius Vinicius Malagoli, Engineering Director, CPFL Energia. “CPFL’s success leading the first commercial-scale smart grid deployment in Brazil is based on the Silver Spring IPv6 network platform, whose benefits are already apparent to our customers.”

“CPFL leads the Brazilian energy sector with the deployment of its smart grid, which improves network operational efficiency, benefitting CPFL’s industrial and commercial customers and their residential users,” said Gadner Vieira, General Manager, Silver Spring Networks Brazil. “We are very excited to be able to support CPFL as it leverages the existing platform to expand these improvements throughout its coverage area and extend the benefits of smart grids to its customers.”

By implementing Silver Spring’s two-way platform for smart grid applications, CPFL aims to increase network reliability, speed up response times, and optimize its field operations. According to CPFL, the Silver Spring platform will replace CPFL’s cellular-based GSM solution, which offered less than 80% coverage and required monthly service fees. As a result, CPFL expects to realize performance, operational and reliability benefits including:

  • Faster restoration response times through the high-availability control and supervision offered by the distribution network reclosers.
  • Optimization of on-site team provisioning, mainly during massive energy outages.
  • Increased coverage, reliability and security at a lower total system cost based on Silver Spring’s IPv6 wireless networking and solutions platform.

Silver Spring works with utilities on five continents to implement smart energy programs and is helping utilities, including Baltimore Gas & Electric, ComEd, CPS Energy, Florida Power & Light, Pepco Holdings Inc., Sacramento Municipal Utility District and WEL Networks, deploy a range of DA solutions.

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