Smart Grid
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Silver Spring Networks announced that Baltimore Gas and Electric (BGE) will leverage its Silver Spring IPv6 smart grid platform to connect new devices in their distribution system. The existing Silver Spring multi-application platform will connect approximately 3,000 automated reclosers and 4,800 capacitor controls to enhance BGE’s Smart Grid across its 2,300 square mile service territory. Additionally, Silver Spring will host its GridScape® Network Manager for BGE as Software-as-a-Service to support out-of-band and in-band management for polling, event management, diagnostics, real-time visualization and auditing across all grid management devices.

The expanded grid management solution is estimated to eliminate approximately 2 million interruptions for BGE customers per year. In addition to supporting these critical intelligent devices, Silver Spring’s fifth generation platform – Gen5 – is interoperable with previous generations of Silver Spring technology deployed for BGE, and can be used to support additional operational improvements such as automated fault locating to help improve overall system reliability.

“Our focus is on ensuring BGE customers are served by the most reliable and efficient energy systems,” said Michael Butts, Director of Transmission and Substation Engineering, BGE. “Since 2010, we have deployed flexible, scalable solutions from Silver Spring Networks, like the IPv6 platform, that are enabling us to significantly improve grid operations and reliability.”

“We are honored to be able to continue building on our long-standing partnership with BGE by supporting their large scale, visionary grid management projects,” said Matt Smith, Senior Director, Smart Grid Management, Silver Spring Networks. “Our goal is to provide our customers with proven, open standards-based connectivity solutions including the low latency, high data rate and multi-layer security that are necessary for distribution automation devices, which allow them to modernize their distribution infrastructure and delivery of services to their customers. We feel this latest roll-out by BGE is a prime example of this.”

In order to better serve its more than 1.25 million customers and meet Maryland’s energy efficiency and conservation goals, BGE deployed Silver Spring IPv6 platform for its AMI Smart Grid Program beginning in 2010 as part of its effort to streamline operations, improve customer service and increase reliability. BGE estimates cost savings of more than $1.5 billion for customers through smart grid applications delivered on a single, unified platform.

Silver Spring helps utilities on five continents deploy smart energy programs including distribution automation programs for ComEd, CPFL Energia, CPS Energy, Florida Power & Light, Pepco Holdings Inc., Sacramento Municipal Utility District and WEL Networks.

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