Simgo announces the availability of a Software Development Kit (SDK) for its virtual SIM (vSIM) platform. This new SDK takes Simgo’s ground-breaking platform one step further, by allowing developers and manufacturers of smartphones, tablets and cellular-enabled solutions (e.g., video cameras, connected cars, IoT, etc.) to integrate Simgo’s vSIM technology within their own solutions.

Simgo’s vSIM technology eliminates the need for a physical SIM within a cellular device. Instead, a solution provider can store a pool of SIMs in the cloud, or use Simgo’s global Sim-as-a-Service solution to instantly allocate any SIM to any vSIM-enabled device on demand. Different allocation schemes can be used, such as resource optimization, coverage enhancement, and on-demand high throughput. Simgo vSIM technology is completely MNO-agnostic, which not only ensures cellular connectivity anywhere on the globe, but also provides control over which network operator is being used  as well as the ability to switch network operators at the click of a button.

“Over the past year, we have seen growing demand from vendors in various vertical markets to use our vSIM technology inside their cellular-enabled solutions,” said Mony Bulocinic, VP Sales at Simgo. “Our industry-first virtual SIM SDK offering meets the needs of product manufacturers that are looking to easily integrate, for a variety of reasons, a truly software-based virtual SIM solution.”

Simgo’s vSIM SDK ports easily and can run on any processor supporting ISO-7816 peripherals. This cross-platform portability enables product developers to integrate Simgo’s vSIM into any software platform (e.g., Android, Linux, Windows, etc.). Based on a one-time integration effort, the SDK is both a convenient and cost-effective solution. Manufacturers can use their existing board design with minimal changes and without significant hardware additions. As a software implementation, Simgo vSIM SDK includes a set of unique features that hardware-based virtual SIMs cannot offer. Most notably, the SDK enables remote upgrade of the vSIM’s capabilities to include advanced features such as SIM Toolkit (STK) support.

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About Simgo

Simgo offers the world’s first cloud-based virtual SIM platform for any cellular device. By moving SIM management to the cloud, Simgo has revolutionized the customer ownership structure. It frees device manufacturers and providers of cellular-enabled solutions from their dependence on mobile operators, allowing them to own the customer and increase margins. Simgo’s enterprise package eliminates roaming charges and allows business travelers to enjoy mobile services using their own smartphone without changing SIMs. Reflecting the company’s ongoing efforts to expand service coverage, Simgo’s service is currently available in over 50 countries inNorth America, Latin America, Europe and Asia. OEMs can leverage Simgo’s SIM-as-a-Service offering to optimize resource management by dynamically allocating SIMs on demand. Simgo’s complete SIM management platform easily integrates with other systems as well as cellular-enabled devices. Founded in 2012, Simgo is led by a seasoned team of telecom professionals, backed by private investors and supported by distribution partners across three continents.