Statistica recently announced the availability of Statistica Edge and the launch of its new IoT partner program. Designed to help organizations make informed business decisions in today’s IoT ecosystem, the new Statistica Edge offering enables edge analytics by delivering workflows to any edge device or gateway. Statistica Edge allows organizations to move beyond scoring to deploy advanced analytics and data prep workflows with conditional logic to edge devices and gateways.

In addition, coinciding with the launch of its new edge offering, Statistica is launching a new IoT partner program that addresses the industry’s lack of end-to-end single-vendor solutions that are available to help companies successfully manage their IoT initiatives. By joining the Statistica partner program, IoT technology providers can leverage the power of advanced analytics to help their customers make timely and informed decisions and foster innovation in the IoT era.

“With Statistica Edge, we’ve made it dramatically easier for organizations to take advantage of the transformative power of advanced analytics, and do so within the ever-expanding framework of their IoT infrastructures,” said Shawn Rogers, Director of Global Marketing and Channels. “This new offering, combined with a new and enhanced IoT partner program that’s making advanced analytics available to more organizations than ever before, is yet another example of Statistica’s continued leadership in making the promise of edge analytics a reality.”

Advanced analytics continues to gain traction as a primary vehicle through which organizations drive innovation, predict customer behavior, and optimize business and manufacturing processes. According to numerous leading analyst firms, predictive analytics and machine learning are often transformational capabilities for businesses across all industries, and more organizations are proactively seeking to drive analytics to the edge of their networks.

As more edge devices are brought into the network in today’s IoT-driven era, the ability to run analytic workflows directly at the edge of the network where data is created is paramount. This not only eliminates the effort and expense required to stream massive amounts of IoT data to a central analytic repository, but it allows for immediate action to be taken at the point of impact in response to data insights.

Insights at the speed of business

Built on Statistica’s Native Distributed Analytics Architecture, Statistica Edge gives users the ability to distribute data preparation and analytic workflows to any edge device. Leveraging a Rules Builder node that can be deployed directly on a gateway or edge device, Statistica Edge enables users to perform data prep tasks, execute models, and make conditional model execution and decisions directly where the data lives. This powerful set of capabilities eliminates the laborious and time-consuming process of moving data back to a central repository, and enables customers to obtain and respond to insights at the speed of business.

New partner program takes flight

When it comes to IoT, no one vendor has a complete solution, so organizations are left needing to use multiple vendors for IoT projects. The Statistica partner program changes that by bringing its powerful advanced analytics capabilities together with transformative IoT technology from leading industry innovators. To date, fourteen new companies have joined the Statistica partner program to help organizations leverage analytics capabilities in today’s IoT era, including Aerohive Networks, Inc., Bright Wolf, Dell Boomi, Dell IoT, Exara, Friendly Technologies, New Era Electronics, PaxAdvisory, Sanmina, Striim, Trace3, Vantiq and VoltDB.

Pricing and Availability

The Statistica Edge is available now and is offered as a subscription-based model.