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Investor confidence in Sirqul is driven by the platform’s ability to enable companies to rapidly develop and deploy IoT and mobile applications to create new ecosystems focused on engagement and automation. The Sirqul engagement-as-a-service (EaaS) platform leverages over 60 plus APIs, machine learning algorithms, and existing application templates to fundamentally reimagine the connected world.

“Sirqul brings complex ideas to life by providing configurable iOS, Android, and web-based application templates that help product development teams kick-start innovation,” said Min Zhang, President of Miteno,USA, Inc. “We are looking forward to seeing what enterprises and startups will create and how they will enhance their existing offerings using Sirqul’s platform.”

Besides being one of the major cellphone tower manufacturers and operators in China, Miteno has made significant investment in IoT, mobile and smart city infrastructure. “Sirqul’s technology platform is very complementary with Miteno’s growth plan,” said David Liu, Chairman of Sirqul. “As a strategic investment partner, Miteno will further Sirqul’s global expansion into the Chinese and other Asian markets.”

Prior to raising the additional funds, Sirqul was able to make substantial technical and commercial progress by already raising $5 million from prominent Angel investors and institutional investment from Compal Electronics.

“Sirqul unlocks the value within the Internet-of-Things and mobile applications to empower ecosystems to drive efficiency, ROI, engagement, and new revenue streams via monetizable hardware and software solutions,” saidRobert Frederick, CEO of Sirqul.”

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