Digital Lumens recently unveiled SiteWorx™, the groundbreaking, cloud-based business intelligence platform designed to advance the smart building revolution. The launch of this new flagship product marks a major milestone in the company’s expansion beyond intelligent lighting into smart building and Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) applications.

Building on the company’s success in intelligent connected lighting, SiteWorx amplifies the unique overhead perspective and capabilities of Digital Lumens’ existing network with a new suite of networked sensors and connected applications. As a result, customers can now easily create a customized, sensor-rich smart building that leverages the power of the IoT to maximize insight, control, and business performance.

“With almost 500 million square feet under management globally, Digital Lumens has learned a lot about how to make companies successful and the obstacles that still remain to accelerate the adoption of smart building applications and new sources of business intelligence,” said Tom Pincince, CEO of Digital Lumens. “Users and market partners have asked us to develop new solutions that are easier to implement initially, more scalable over time, and have a common, open platform for a wide variety of applications. We believe that SiteWorx has hit the mark.”

The SiteWorx platform powers a suite of applications, each designed to solve a specific business problem for industrial and commercial end users. Each application is accompanied by advanced analytics and reporting functionalities that allow users to apply a wealth of data-based intelligence to benefit the organization’s bottom line. A sample of the applications includes:

  • Sense: environmental monitoring solution that tracks temperature and humidity across a building or facility to ensure operational and regulatory requirements are met;
  • Amp: energy management solution that monitors, measures, and controls non-lighting electrical loads for insight into operations and maximum efficiency; and
  • Tune: advanced lighting control and management solution for maximizing energy savings with automated measurement and verification, while ensuring and maintaining employee safety and comfort.

“The Digital Lumens research and development team has nearly two decades of experience making scalable building management and control systems,” said Brian Chemel, Founder and CTO of Digital Lumens. “We have used that experience to design a unified, cloud-based smart building solution that places unprecedented business insight and building control at your fingertips.”

The product, which is available now, was deployed, tested, and honed across several pilot sites in advance of the official launch, including Somerville-based Greentown Labs, the United States’ largest cleantech incubator.

“Greentown Labs is a community of passionate entrepreneurs and innovators—both startups and corporations—who are developing new, cutting edge, clean technologies to enable a cleaner, greener future for all,” said Emily Reichert, CEO of Greentown Labs. “What’s most exciting about our partnership with fellow Boston-area cleantech organization, Digital Lumens, is our unique opportunity to serve as a test site for SiteWorx. Their new cloud-based system has already shown a great impact on the day-to-day management of our building and has been incredibly user-friendly and engaging for our building management team. We’re always proud to support our partners as they release their technologies into the world and we look forward to the continued positive impact SiteWorx will make on our facility management.”

As a simple, powerful, cloud-based solution, SiteWorx offers a nimble, lightweight architecture that’s quick to implement across myriad industrial and commercial environments. Its API makes the solution interoperable with other building management systems and devices, offering the flexibility required by today’s businesses.