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SiTime Corporation, a MEMS and analog semiconductor company and a wholly owned subsidiary of MegaChips Corporation, introduced the SiT156x/7x families of 32 kHz Super-TCXOs. These unique timing solutions are available in a tiny, 1.2 mm footprint, which is up to 85% smaller than quartz products. Additionally, by using SiTime’s revolutionary TempFlat MEMS technology, these Super-TCXOs deliver ±5 ppm accuracy, which enables chronometer-grade timekeeping and the longest battery life. The SiT1568 also offers an innovative, in-system, auto-calibration feature that allows customers to eliminate timing inaccuracies introduced during system assembly, reflow, underfill, and overmolding. Designers of wearables, IoT and mobile applications such as miniaturized modules, smart watches, activity trackers, tablets, mobile phones and smart meters can use these unique features to offer the best timekeeping and longest battery life.

“In each of the past three years, SiTime has introduced innovative MEMS timing solutions for the wearable, IoT and mobile markets. These solutions have been tremendously successful – SiTime has already shipped 60 million units into these markets and growth is accelerating,” said Piyush Sevalia, executive vice president of marketing at SiTime. “The SiT156x/7x 32 kHz Super-TCXOs enable our customers to develop game-changing electronics with the smallest size, best timekeeping and the longest battery life – great examples of how SiTime’s MEMS timing solutions are transforming the timing industry.”

The SiT1566, SiT1568, and SiT1576 Super-TCXOs are available in a 1.5 x 0.8 x 0.6 mm (l x w x h) chip scale package (CSP). These devices perform the following critical functions in a wearable, IoT or mobile system.

  • Reference for real time clock (RTC) function
  • Sleep clock for connectivity – Bluetooth, Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE), WiFi
  • Reference for audio subsystem

Compared to a 32 kHz quartz TCXO, oscillator, or resonator, the SiT156x/7x MEMS Super-TCXOs offer the following unique features.

  • Up to 85% smaller footprint
  • ±5 ppm all-inclusive frequency stability, includes initial offset and variations over industrial temperature (-40 to +85°C) –  a more accurate clock enables the best timekeeping and extends battery life
  • Optional in-system auto-calibration (SiT1568) removes frequency offsets associated with assembly, reflow, underfill, and overmolding and ensures that system timekeeping is not impacted by manufacturing stressors
  • Programmable temperature sensing update rate that maintains dynamic and overall stability in the presence of fast thermal gradients in industrial and mobile applications
  • Optional factory-programmable frequencies from 1 Hz to 1 MHz (SiT1576) to support low-power RF and wireless charging
  • Ability to drive multiple loads, which reduces the number of components on a board
  • ±1.5 ppm 1st year aging (2 times better than quartz devices) which ensures best timekeeping over many years
  • Excellent jitter performance that supports audio standards; SiT1566, SiT1568 and SiT1576 can be used as an audio reference in wearable electronics
  • Up to 65% faster startup time (300 milliseconds)
  • Up to 40% thinner, with a max height of 0.60 mm, for height-limited modules

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