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Heise Medien and Situation Publishing, the people behind The Register, will launch the Building IoT conference in the UK for the first time in March, 2017.

The three-day conference will bring leading industry figures together with senior developers, architects, managers and executives to discuss internet of things, from sensors, hardware architectures and user interfaces through to transport and communications, security and big data.

The event will take place at 30 Euston Square, London from March 27 to 29, 2017.

With 40 conference sessions over two days, and a third day of deep dive workshops, Building IoT London will take attendees beyond the big picture, to show how real world developers and engineers are cracking the problems associated with developing for the internet of things, from the devices generating the data, right through to the back end analytics systems turning that data into insight.

Building IoT is the second Heise conference brought to the UK by Situation Publishing, the people behind The Register. In May this year, over 250 people participated in Continuous Lifecycle London, the UK manifestation of Heise’s flagship conference. Continuous Lifecycle returns to London in May 2017.

Linus Birtles, managing director of Situation Publishing, said: “Continuous Lifecycle London 2016 was an unqualified success. We are delighted to be expand our UK events programme for 2017.”

“We know our readers want to explore the potential and pitfalls of the Internet of things, and we look forward to once again delivering three days of deep, technical content to a knowledgeable audience in an intimate environment.”

Heise Media CEO Dr Alfons Schräder said, “The IoT is not just about vision – it needs people, who are willing to put the time and effort into implementations and making all the ideas become reality. Building IoT in Germanyshowed us that those people need a meeting place and thanks to London’s exciting tech scene and our colleagues at The Register we can bring this experience to an English speaking audience.”

A call for papers has been issued, and the programme committee looks forward to hearing from practitioners in the user, vendor, academic and consulting industries.

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