At the Mobile World Congress 2015 being held in Barcelona, Spain, SK Telecom has introduced for the first time its ‘Be-Me Platform, an intelligent platform that provides smart personalized services by analyzing the user’s situation, and ‘Eggo-Mate’ (tentatively named) a personal digital assistant service developed upon this platform.

Be-Me Platform

Be-Me Platform is an intelligence platform that provides users with personalized service in a timely manner by collecting and analyzing users’ diverse situation information. Built with an intelligence algorithm developed by SK Telecom, the platform determines daily patterns of a smartphone user by collecting and analyzing

1) data gathered via smartphone sensors (e.g. ambient light sensor, motion sensor, barometric sensor, etc.)
2) location information acquired via Wi-Fi, Bluetooth or base stations
3) data on user’s smartphone app usage

For instance, if the user’s smartphone is left unmoved for a long time, the platform learns that he is “asleep”, and the place such activity takes place routinely and repetitively is determined to be “home.” In a similar way, the platform recognizes the user’s workplace, commuting route and means of transportation.

Be-Me Platform can thus lead to the creation of diverse services that offer truly personalized values to customers. For example, when a person leaves home to work, the estimated time of arrival of bus he takes every morning is automatically sent to his smartphone. Then, it recommends nearby restaurants according to his usual lunch break time, frequently visited places and other preferences. Also, on his way home after working long hours, it suggests a list of soft and sentimental music to help him relax. The platform becomes more accurate with time through repetitive data analysis and interpretation, and corrects errors intermittently by checking with the users.

Moreover, SK Telecom plans to open up the Application Programming Interface (API) of the platform to third party developers in June 2015 to encourage the creation of diverse intelligence services.

SK Telecom expects great synergies to be created once the Be-Me Platform is converged with technologies and information related to Internet of Things (IoT). Combined with IoT, the platform will serve as the basis for a much wider range of services including smart home and commerce.


Along with Be-Me Platform, SK Telecom is also showcasing Eggo-Mate(tentatively named), an intelligent assistant service built on the platform. The company demonstrates three main features of Eggo-Mate, including

1) schedule management
2) life log
3) remote smartphone management

Eggo-Mate can schedule a meeting on behalf of the user. Upon approval from users, one user’s Eggo-Mate will communicate with Eggo-Mates of other users to exchange users’ schedule and preference to come up with a list of available meeting date/time and venues. It also helps users preserve special moments of their lives by automatically detecting out-of-routine activities and keeping a record (i.e. photo, location, SNS, etc.) of them. Moreover, it allows users to remotely manage their smartphones via PC, identifying the phone’s location and checking missed voice calls and messages. SK Telecom plans to commercialize Eggo-Mate in September 2015 after upgrading a number of features.

“The development of innovative personalization technologies like Be-Me Platform is ushering in the new era of intelligence where people and things communicate with and understand each other,” said Han Nam-seuk, Senior Vice President and Head of ICT R&D Center at SK Telecom. “Going forward, we will focus on creating unprecedented value for our customers by combining these technologies with not only smartphones but also with other IoT-enabled things including consumer electronics, robots and wearable devices.”

About SK Telecom

SK Telecom (NYSE: SKM, KSE: 017670), established in 1984, is Korea’s largest telecommunications company with more than 28 million mobile subscribers, accounting for over 50% of the market. The company reached KRW 17.164 trillion in revenue in 2014. As the world’s first company to commercialize CDMA, CDMA 2000 1x, CDMA EV-DO and HSDPA networks, SK Telecom launched the nation’s first LTE service in July 2011. SK Telecom also became the world’s first mobile carrier to commercialize 150Mbps LTE-Advanced in June 2013 and 225Mbps LTE-Advanced in June 2014 through Carrier Aggregation(CA). In line with its efforts to swiftly move towards the next-generation mobile network system, or 5G, it successfully commercialized 300Mbps tri-band LTE-A CA. As of December 2014, the company has over 16.7 million LTE and LTE-Advanced subscribers. Based on its strength in network operations business, SK Telecom is seeking new growth engines in areas of platform, Big Data and convergence business.