Industrial IoT

Skkynet Cloud Systems, a global leader in real-time cloud information systems, will demonstrate its end-to-end Industrial IoT solution—including the SkkyHub service, DataHub industrial middleware, and Embedded Toolkit—at the Nineteenth Annual ARC Industry Forum, “Industry in Transition: Navigating the New Age of Innovation” in Orlando, Florida, February 8-11, 2016, hosted by the Arc Advisory Group.

According to ARC Industry Forum organizers, concepts such as Industrial IoT (IIoT), Smart Manufacturing, Industrie 4.0, Digitization, and Connected Enterprise are “clearly moving past the hype stage to the point where real solutions are emerging backed by strong associated business cases.”

“Skkynet will demonstrate a secure, hands-on, end-to-end Industrial IoT solution that works right out of the box,” said Paul Thomas, President of Skkynet. “Now anyone can safely send data from their remote device to our SkkyHub service, and view their data in a web browser. Or they can securely connect an industrial system via our Cogent DataHub, and do remote monitoring and supervisory control from anywhere in the world.”

Skkynet’s SkkyHub service allows industrial and embedded systems to securely network live data in real time from any location. It enables bidirectional supervisory control, integration and sharing of data with multiple users, and real-time access to selected data sets in a web browser. The service is capable of handling over 50,000 data changes per second per client, at speeds of just microseconds over Internet latency. Secure by design, it requires no VPN, no open firewall ports, no special programming, and no additional hardware.

With Skkynet’s Embedded Toolkit, SkkyHub can connect to remote devices through gateways from Red Lion, Advantech B+B SmartWorx, NetComm, or SysLINK, or directly to Renesas Synergy embedded chips. Linked to Skkynet’s DataHub industrial middleware, SkkyHub can securely connect to virtually any industrial system using standard protocols such as OPC, Modbus, TCP, and ODBC.

“While some companies are just now waking up to the potential of the Industrial IoT, Skkynet and its subsidiaries have been active in the field of secure, real-time industrial data communications for over a decade,” said Mr. Thomas. “Our products and services are working in hundreds of mission-critical systems worldwide.”

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