Industrial IoT
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Skkynet Cloud Systems, a global leader in real-time cloud information systems, will present a case study, “Metso Halves Project Development Time with Skkynet’s IIoT Solution,” at the Industrial IoT show, to be held in Toronto June 21-22, 2016. The case study shows how Metso was able to cut their project development time in half, and increase customer satisfaction by using Skkynet’s SkkyHub™ real-time IIoT solution.

As reported in the study, Metso developers were able to work from their head office in France to customize and implement OCS-4D© (Metso’s mineral processing expert system) rather than travelling to the operations in the Middle East. By leveraging the real-time data collection and distribution capabilities of SkkyHub, multiple engineers could work in parallel on GUI, sensor and data modeling, and analysis—all using an exact replica of the live plant. This allowed them to complete a year-long project in six months.

“SkkyHub was really a nice fit with our system, because we had not been able to do parallel development before,” said Fred Theodore, Senior Engineer, Advanced Process Control, and lead developer. “Normally we have OSC-4D© running, but two people cannot be connected at the same time, and can’t develop their applications simultaneously on the same computer. The fact that the real-time data source was available to several people at the same time was a real benefit.”

Skkynet believes this capability will capture the attention of those attending Industrial IoT.  The show brings together C-level executives from the mining, energy, manufacturing, and transport sectors across North America to learn about the challenges and opportunities in the Industrial IoT and Big Data. The motivating factor is an awareness that those who are able to identify and exploit opportunities now will thrive in the coming years, and that it is best to get an early start.

“Metso is at the leading edge of the Industrial IoT,” said Paul Thomas, President of Skkynet. “Accessing IIoT data in real time, they were able to optimize their manpower and cut costs at all stages of the project—from development to deployment.  Their in-house replica of the project can receive live process data from the mine via SkkyHub, which can be used for ongoing remote maintenance or big-data analytics.”

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