IoT Connectivity
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Skkynet Cloud Systems, Inc., a global leader in real-time cloud information systems, announces that its real-time IoT connectivity solutions will be showcased at the Renesas Electronics booth #412 at ARM TechCon 2016 from October 26-27 in Santa Clara, California.  A live demonstration of Skkynet’s ETK running on the Renesas Synergy Platform and connecting to SkkyHub will allow hardware engineers, software developers, and industry executives to access and control Synergy-based embedded systems from in-plant, mobile and the IoT cloud, in real time.

“The Skkynet ETK connected to SkkyHub gives Renesas Synergy users immediate and secure access to the IoT,” said Paul Thomas, President of Skkynet.  “At ARM TechCon, engineers and developers will experience for themselves how easy it is to monitor and control an ARM device in real time from a smartphone.”

With over 80 billion installed in devices worldwide, the ARM architecture and ARM-based processors account for the majority of embedded systems.  Supporting the development of this technology, ARM TechCon attracts over 4,000 industry professionals, technical experts, hardware engineers and software developers in the ARM ecosystem, making it the largest, best-attended annual show of its kind.

The Skkynet demo at ARM TechCon consists of a Renesas Synergy S7 Series development board running the ETK, which is connected via the Internet to the SkkyHub cloud service.  Data from the board is displayed graphically on the web with WebView™, allowing show attendees to monitor and control lights and indicators on the demo board in real time from their smartphones.  This secure, end-to-end IoT connectivity between the Synergy-based embedded solution, the ETK, SkkyHub, and WebView combine to produce a seamless experience of the IoT.

Skkynet’s SkkyHub service allows industrial and embedded systems to securely network live data in real time from any location. It enables bidirectional supervisory control, integration and sharing of data with multiple users, and real-time access to selected data sets in a web browser. The service is capable of handling over 50,000 data changes per second per client, at speeds of just microseconds over Internet latency. Secure by design, it requires no VPN, no open firewall ports, no special programming, and no additional hardware.

The Skkynet ETK (Embedded Toolkit) for the Renesas Synergy Platform is part of the Renesas Synergy Verified Software Add-on (VSA) Program. The ETK is offered by Skkynet free of any royalty or development-license fees, allowing engineers and developers to quickly and securely enable their projects for the IoT, while providing a platform to earn a recurring revenue stream.

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