Skkynet Cloud Systems, a global leader in real-time cloud information systems, announces that Skkynet’s ETK (Embedded Toolkit) for the Renesas Synergy Platform is now available for download from the Renesas Synergy Gallery, as part of the Renesas Synergy Verified Software Add-on (VSA) Program. The ETK is offered by Skkynet free of any royalty or development-license fees, allowing engineers and developers to quickly and securely enable their projects for the IoT, while providing a platform to earn a recurring revenue stream.

“Using the ETK gets Renesas Synergy developers up and running on the IoT right away on a robust, secure, end-to-end system” said Paul Thomas, President of Skkynet. “They can send data from their project to our SkkyHub service and view their data in a web browser, or link to other devices. They can also connect via the ETK to our DataHub industrial middleware, and link their project to virtually any in-plant industrial system.”

Last month, Renesas announced the mass production of the Renesas Synergy Platform, which is an integration of qualified software, scalable microcontrollers (MCUs), hardware solutions and tools designed to reduce development time, lower the total cost of ownership, and eliminate obstacles that engineers face when developing products for the IoT.  The Renesas Synergy VSA Program was launched as a way to broaden the value of the Synergy Platform and give customers access to specialized software like Skkynet’s ETK that is already verified as compatible with the Synergy Software Package (SSP).

Skkynet’s SkkyHub service allows industrial and embedded systems to securely network live data in real time from any location. It enables bidirectional supervisory control, integration and sharing of data with multiple users, and real-time access to selected data sets in a web browser. The service is capable of handling over 50,000 data changes per second per client, at speeds of just microseconds over Internet latency. Secure by design, it requires no VPN, no open firewall ports, no special programming, and no additional hardware.

Skkynet’s Cogent DataHub industrial middleware solution connects to virtually any industrial system using standard protocols such as OPC, Modbus, TCP, and ODBC to support OPC networking, server-server bridging, aggregation, data logging, redundancy, and web-based HMI.

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