SkyFidelity, Inc./Tricascade, Inc.,  TriCascade, Inc., an Internet of Things (IoT) technology company has entered into a product development deal with AT&T to develop the first of its kind IoT SIM card that will used in the TriCascade’s 4G/LTE Gateway Hub known as the SkiQ Super Router.

Building upon the AT&T’s commitment to moving forward with IoT solutions for broadband applications including WiFi routers and the “Smart Home,” TriCascade has been working with AT&T certified module developer, Westron NeWeb Corporation (WNC) to create an IoT module specifically designed for 4G LTE internet connectivity.

TriCascade expects to take delivery of One Thousand IoT SIM modules from Westron NeWeb Corporation (WNC) in January 2018 and will use these modules in the development of the first One Thousand SKiQ Routers.

The WNC IoT module delivery will provide TriCascade with the foundational technology for its SKiQ Super Router device and strongly positions TriCascade as a device and module partner supporting AT&T’s 4G/5G LTE ecosystem deployments.

TriCascade demonstrated the SKiQ to the public as well as to several potential customers at the CES show last week in Las Vegas, Nevada. The SKiQ device as well as the other SmartHome devices demonstrated at the show including the Smart Thermostat/Smart Outlet/Smart Light Switch were well received and the company expects to obtain sales orders based upon this event.

4G and 5G LTE Routers are essential to Telecom carriers’ cellular IoT strategies. The creation of SKiQ- an LTE Smart Home Eco-System Hub in collaboration with AT&T- will significantly enhance TriCascade’s position in the deployment of all future Smart Home devices.