/slash Hote - Japan

Popular Japanese real-estate developer Global Agents announced the much-anticipated February 2020 opening of their new hotel brand, /slash. This new brand seeks to revolutionize the traditional hotel business in Japan and offer what could be called the next generation of digital hotels. The first branch will open a mere five-minute walk from bustling Kawasaki Station (Kanagawa Prefecture).

With a total of 95 rooms, /slash offers guests a unique toss-up of digital-art aesthetics, (even room numbers are displayed digitally), and a high-tech smart-hotel experience. Guests have complete control over their room through a fully integrated application developed especially for /slash, which customers can find on the iPhone provided in each room. The application has several useful functions, including an alarm system based on bed movement, lighting adjustment, and control of the 80-inch projector screen built into every room. Guests can connect their personal devices to watch any of their favorite shows in their own private theatre space.

The first-floor lobby doubles as a spacious Cafe & Bar space where travelers can mingle with locals and enjoy endless free beer during the daily Happy Hour. Combining digital art, vivid ambient lighting and floral art, the lobby/cafe is a perfect place to have a snack, enjoy a glass of wine while reading a book, or simply escape the hustle and bustle of the city. In addition, guests can also enjoy unlimited free hot drinks at the top floor mini-kitchen which opens out to an incredible rooftop terrace with stunning views of the Kawasaki area.

/slash is the sixth brand and latest hotel from Japanese developer Global Agents. CEO Takeshi Yamasaki notes that “We chose to base this new brand on the symbol [/] because it’s such a beautiful and simple mark that symbolizes many things. It can represent exclusivity or inclusivity and division and fractions, but further use of the slash has developed in the technological sphere. Every URL you visit contains slashes. It has become a unique symbol that is part of our daily life. Inspired by its simplicity and complexity combined, and its ability to transcend time, /slash Kawasaki tries to push boundaries of what a hotel can offer. Like the symbol, we push for a unique and simple experience, full of multi-functionality and playfulness.”